At Nashua Family Dentistry, we’ll answer all of your dental questions when you visit our Nashua, NH dentist office. In the meantime, we’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions below.

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Q: Can You Repair the Gums Without a Scalpel or Stitches?

Yes, at Nashua Family Dentistry we use advanced laser dentistry as part of our gum disease treatment. The laser therapy has many advantages over traditional gum surgery because it does not use scalpels or stitches. The laser evaporates the infection in the gums and helps the teeth and gums to naturally re-attach. Patients find the laser therapy much more comfortable, and they can expect a faster recovery time.

Q: What Are The Best Tooth Replacement Options?

The best tooth replacement depends on a number of factors, including the dental issues you need to address, the overall condition of your mouth, your lifestyle, and your budget. We offer multiple tooth replacement options, including dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Our doctors can even perform a procedure in which you’ll receive dental implants and dentures all in one day! We will help you determine which tooth replacement will best meet your needs.

Q: Do I Need a CPAP to Treat Sleep Apnea

The CPAP is the gold standard when it comes to treating sleep apnea. But for many patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, the most common form of sleep apnea, we can use a comfortable oral appliance to resolve your issues. The oral appliance moves the lower jaw forward to keep the airways open during sleep. Unlike the CPAP, the oral appliance is comfortable, easy to travel with, and does not disrupt your sleep partner. So, no, you don’t always need a CPAP to treat sleep apnea.


Q: Are Root Canals As Painful As I’ve Heard?

Thanks to our doctors’ expertise and their use of electronic equipment, root canals are a virtually pain-free procedure in our Nashua, NH dentist office. We thoroughly numb your mouth with local anesthetic, and we offer dental sedation if you need it. Since root canals remove the infections that can cause toothaches, the only painful thing about root canals is not getting one!

Q: Can My Dentist Help With Chronic Snoring?

Some dentists today are trained to help with more than just teeth and gums. At Nashua Family Dentistry, our doctors can help with relief from chronic snoring and sleep apnea. The latter condition can do more than just rob you of your sleep. It can increase your risks of heart disease, hypertension, and car accidents. A custom-designed oral appliance you wear while sleeping can help eliminate both snoring and sleep apnea.

Q: What Insurance Do You Accept?

We accept almost all types of dental insurance! What does this mean to you? All of our patients, regardless of their insurance situation, receive the same high quality of care. We can submit your dental claim to your insurance provider to help determine your coverage.

Q: Q: What Do I Do If I Have A Dental Emergency?

Nashua Family Dentistry is proud to offer same-day dental emergency care if you call our office before noon. We also provide 24-hour emergency phone call monitoring so you can speak with one of our dentists about your situation. At your appointment, we’ll take immediate steps to get you out of pain and to assess your needs. Call 603-546-7460 immediately.

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