Being Older Means You Are Ready For Cosmetic Dentistry

Being Older Means You Are Ready For Cosmetic Dentistry
  • July 17, 2016

No one wants an ugly smile. But sometimes, you have to ask if you’re ready for the change.

We limit what people can do until they’re old enough. You can’t vote until you’re 18, and you can’t drink until 21. Insurance rates don’t drop until after 25. Although it’s a generalization, there’s truth to the idea that older people are more ready for that responsibility. (Sure, we all have that one uncle who can’t handle any responsibility. But we’re talking about you, not him.)

So when it comes to cosmetic dentistry treatments to get a winning smile, it’s actually best to wait until you’re older. Here’s why.

Why Younger People Might Have To Wait

  • Immaturity and instability can be a problem. Not all younger people are immature. Many grew up fast and can handle a lot of responsibility. But we all know what we were like back then. Our priorities were different, and we were more willing to take risks or be lazy. Some cosmetic treatments require you to follow up with care. For example, our take-home teeth whitening kits require you to use them carefully for a few weeks. Young people are more likely to forget, skip it, or even lose it.
  • Teeth are usually still moving too much. For many young people, their teeth are still moving enough that cosmetic treatments could be pointless. Sure, dental veneers can hide small gaps between teeth. They instantly give you smile a great, aligned look. But if those teeth are still moving, those gaps could have grown and the veneers would be wasted. It’s much better to wait a while to make sure the teeth have slowed down.
  • Wisdom teeth need to appear. Your wisdom teeth can come in any time in the late-teens and early 20s. They come in very slowly, though. They also tend to push against the other molars, knocking your whole smile out of alignment. Why get tooth bonding on contouring to fix the side facing people when these teeth can get turned around somewhat? You really need to wait until wisdom teeth have been taken care of.

Why Older Is Better For Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Your teeth are mostly done moving. Technically, your teeth never completely stop moving. Even when you retire, your teeth can every-so-slowly move. But it’s so slow that you shouldn’t notice any difference for decades. Your teeth are as solid and stable as you’ll get. That means it’s a perfect time to address cosmetic problems like gaps, crooked teeth, or chips.
  • You can afford it now. Most dental insurance plans do not consider cosmetic dentistry as preventive or restorative. Instead, it’s considered elective. That means they won’t pay for it. When you were young, you most likely were barely able to pay your bills. Now that you’re older, you may not be rich, but you can afford extras and live a little. That means you can finally take care of your needs, such as getting rid of ugly stains with teeth whitening or reshaping a low gumline with gummy smile treatment.
  • Life events (and photos) happen more often now. Kids today might take a ton of photos, but those aren’t important ones. They’re just selfies or quick shots taken with friends. They’re fine, but they’re not going to be gracing the mantlepiece anytime soon. Graduation is about the one time that it really matters when you’re young. But when you get older, there are a lot more life events taking place around you. Weddings, baby showers, and family reunions abound. There are more life events to take important photos in. That means your smile is going to be immortalized in a series of important pics that last. Do you really want to have a crooked, chipped smile in all of those photos?
  • You can handle instructions and self-care. By now, you’ve learned how to be responsible and do tough jobs even though there’s more fun to be had doing something different. If the grass needs mowing, you mow it. When bills need to get paid, you pay them. When you’re older, you’ll more easily handle instructions and at-home care. You may not have a perfect memory, but you’re not going to skip a teeth whitening treatment go head out to the club. You know better now, so your cosmetic treatments are more likely to be successful.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening, tooth bonding, and gum recession treatment are great at giving you a smile you love. But if you’re too young, you might not be able to make such treatments last. That’s why being older is the best time for cosmetic dentistry. Call us today at 603-546-7460 for your next appointment.