3 Reasons Your Teeth Are Hurting

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Our teeth shouldn’t hurt. If you have dental pain, something is wrong, and our Nashua, NH dental office has a number of ways to relieve your dental pain and keep your teeth healthy and strong. Dental pain can be agonizing and disrupting. It makes it difficult to eat, speak, or even think straight!

We’ve been practicing for decades and have treated just about every type of dental condition you can imagine. Dental pain is often a dental emergency that needs to be addressed right away! We monitor our phones 24/7. We also have convenient hours and will try to see you the same day if you call by noon. You can call us today at 603-244-4836 or use the online form to schedule an appointment.

Today we want to explore 3 different reasons why your teeth may be hurting. The great news is that most of these issues can be prevented, but we can also effectively manage your pain from the very moment you walk into our office. The important thing to remember about dental pain is that it can only be managed by a dental professional.

Cavities Can Cause Pain

Cavities and pain have a strange relationship. Some big cavities cause no pain, while small cavities can cause major pains. Every patient is different. Most patients who have pain from a cavity have sensitivity eating or drinking cold things. This is because the decay has eaten through the enamel of the tooth — the outer layer and hardest substance in the body — and exposed the dentin. Unlike the enamel, the dentin is much more sensitive to cold or hot sensations. Dental decay can eat through every layer of the tooth and reach the pulp and root of your tooth. If that happens, you’ll likely need a root canal and then a dental crown to resolve the issue.

At Nashua Family Dentistry provides tooth-colored fillings to restore cavities. The fillings are made from a high-strength resin that bonds to the tooth and blends in with your natural smile. These fillings are preferred by many dentists because they require less tooth modification and do not stick out like a sore thumb. It’s also possible to experience a little sensitivity after having a filling. The sensitivity can last a few weeks, but you need to call our office if the problems persist. The post-treatment sensitivity can be signs of a root problem or even a bad bite. The solution may be as simple as reshaping the filling to make sure the bite is balanced.  

Grinding or Clenching Teeth

The act of grinding or clenching the teeth can take a toll on the teeth and gums. You might be asking yourself … “Well, who would clench or grind their teeth?” Well, these action is typically involutionary, and it typically occurs when you’re sleeping.

Clenching or grinding can cause the tooth’s enamel to erode and the gums to recede. It also puts a ton of added pressure on the jaw muscles and joints. Often patients who clench or grind their teeth wake up with jaw pain or terrible headaches. The problems don’t end there. People who grind or clench their teeth often experience jaw problems like clicking, popping, or grinding of the joints. We’ve treated patients who complained about audible loud pops in their jaw every time they ate.

Grinding and clenching, while serious, is easy to resolve. We’re using a comfortable oral appliance to help relieve the stress from the teeth, gums, and jawbone. You’ll wear the mouthguard nightly, and most patients notice that the symptoms reduce almost immediately. Other solutions for jaw discomfort include orthodontics, veneers, crowns, or simply adjusting the bite.

Gum Disease Can Irritate the Teeth

Gum disease is a serious problems for adults across America. It’s the leading cause of tooth loss, and it will affect about 50 percent of all Americans. And the rate goes up to about 70 percent for Americans 65 and older.

The earliest signs of gum disease are bleeding and swollen gums, or even bad breath. But it’s also possible that you could suffer from sensitive teeth. When gum disease reaches its more advanced stages, an infectious pocket will form between the teeth and gums and actually pull the teeth and gums apart. If this infection goes rampant, it will cause the tooth — or many teeth — to fail. This process can be extremely painful.

We’re treating gum disease through a process known as scaling and root planing. This is a process we use to remove the tartar and plaque from the teeth beneath the gum line. In many cases, we can place a little topical gel to numb the gums before the procedure. We recommend that people with gum disease visit the dentist about once every three to four months. That allows us to monitor to teeth and gums and make sure that the infection has not spread.

Don’t Wait Around to Treat Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth or painful teeth is a major problem. As you can see, the source of the problem may be a number of things. It’s never wise to wait around until the issue is unbearable. It’s always safer and more costly to fix the problem whenever it arises. Dr. Kiehl and the staff at Nashua Family Dentistry are here to keep feeling great and looking great.

Just give us a call today at 603-244-4836 to schedule your visit or use the online form to book an appointment. We’d love to meet you.

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