5 Big Ways Veneers Instantly Make Your Smile Amazing

These days, any way you can squeeze a little time back into your day is valuable. Between work, school, parenting, errands, and more, it’s hard to find time for things like taking care of yourself. When it comes to dentistry, you might look at your teeth and feel embarrassed. But what can you do? If you need your teeth whitened, damaged enamel smoothed out, and crooked teeth straightened, do you have time for all of those cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Maybe that’s why dental veneers from our Nashua, NH dental office are so popular. As soon as they are placed on your teeth, they instantly make many improvements. Dental veneers are thin shells that are bonded with the front of your teeth. They’re shaped and colored to look like healthy teeth. Here are five ways dental veneers can instantly make your smile look amazing.

1. You can instantly fix teeth with uneven or rough edges. The enamel on your teeth might be durable, but that’s not the same thing as indestructible. Years and years of chewing food can take its toll on your teeth. That’s especially true for the edges. Not only are they hitting tough foods first, they’re also banging against each other. Over time, the edges of your teeth can get worn down in spots and look irregular.

Dental veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth. Our dentists can have them made just a little too long. This way, they can cover over any rough edges on your teeth. Instead of seeing an irregular edge, you’ll see a smooth, straight one.

2. You can instantly hide any hairline cracks, craters, or damage. As your car gets older, it starts to collect rust, dents, and similar damage. The same is true for your teeth. Over the years, they can collect small cracks, craters, chips, and other imperfections. Even if they do not normally cause you any pain, they look bad. Your smile can look ragged and beat up with all of those marks.

Your dental veneers are made to look like perfect versions of the teeth they cover. As soon as they are bonded to the front of your teeth, all of those imperfections are gone. Instead of seeing a ragged smile, you’ll see a bright, clean, smooth smile.

3. Your teeth will instantly look like you had teeth whitening. All of those years drinking coffee, having tomato sauce, and even smoking can leave behind tiny stains on your teeth. At first, they’re too small to notice. Years later, and your whole smile looks dull and dark. You can get Zoom teeth whitening to remove the stains, but that can take a while. If you want instant results, dental veneers will be made just the right shade of white.

Some people have a problem with intrinsic stains. These are deep stains often caused as side effects of prescription medication. Even Zoom teeth whitening cannot remove intrinsic stains. The only way to get past these are with dental veneers. As soon as they are placed, any intrinsic stains will be hidden by a beautiful-looking facade.

4. Crooked teeth and small gaps can be corrected instantly. Most people get some form of orthodontic treatment in their teenage years. That’s because a smile full of crooked teeth can make you feel embarrassed and lower your self-esteem. The problem is that your teeth never truly stop moving. With years of biting and chewing, pressure can nudge your teeth out of alignment. While it’s probably not as bad as when you were a teenager, you can still have small gaps between teeth and a tooth or two that’s a bit crooked.

Normally, your dental veneers are made to fit exactly on your teeth. By making them a bit longer in spots, they can cover over small gaps. Our dentists can also place them just so, making a crooked tooth look straight and even.

5. Any damaged spots are instantly protected and sealed. As said above, dental veneers will cover over and hide damaged enamel. Chips, cracks, or similar problems spots will disappear as soon as your dental veneers are placed on your teeth. However, this process also seals up damage. This prevents the damage from getting worse. For example, a small crack in the enamel will likely grow over the years. All of that chewing widens the crack just a bit, and it gets longer as well.

Dental veneers are bonded to your teeth. That hairline crack cannot get bigger since the bonding agent is holding it together. Dental veneers also add a layer of protection to your teeth.

These cosmetic dentistry treatments will last a long time. If you are ready to have a great looking smile that also protects your teeth, call us today at 603-546-7460 for an appointment for dental veneers.

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