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The new year is fast approaching. If you’re looking at resolutions or ways to improve yourself this year, consider a simple dental procedure, teeth whitening. Our Nashua NH dental office using teeth whitening to give patients a brighter, healthier-looking smile.

There are many great things about teeth whitening. At Nashua Family Dentistry, we’re using a two different whitening treatments, fast in-office whitening and at-home whitening, to improve a patient’s smile by several shades. Today we want to share 5 reasons to whiten your teeth at the dentist.

1. Make a Better First Impression

The smile is the first thing people notice whenever they meet you. So it’s important to make your smile bright and beautiful. Dingy teeth can hurt your ability to a better first impression. The first impression is important if you have a big date or job interview coming up.

2. Make Your Smile Look Healthier

Dental stains do not necessarily affect the health of the teeth, but stained teeth do look unhealthy. You might have a healthy mouth, but your teeth are making the teeth appear unhealthy. You’d be amazed at how a little whitening can drastically improve your smile and give you a mouth filled with healthy-looking teeth.

3. Gain More Confidence

Because the smile is the first thing people notice, people with dental stains often feel self-conscious about their teeth. These people tend to not smile during pictures or even avoid social interactions. Whitening your teeth can give you the confidence boost you’ve always wanted.

4. Whitening isn’t Expensive

As far as cosmetic dentistry treatments go, whitening is one of least expensive on the market. Unlike come cosmetic treatments, whitening is rendered in just one step and will not break the bank. For just a little bit of an investment, we can drastically transform the smile.

5. Partner With a Whitening Professional

There are whitening treatments in every big box store or pharmacy in the country. In fact, Americans spend about $1 billion on whitening treatments every year. Most of these treatments are perfectly safe, but the problem is that the treatment may not be potent enough. Or you can misuse the treatment. Professional whitening at our office will lead to beautiful, uniform results.

Depending on your smile needs, we can prescribe either in-office whitening treatments or at-home whitening treatments. The in-office whitening is works in 15-minute increments. We’ll simply put the whitening gel on the teeth and then activate the gel with a special light. Most in-office whitening treatments only take an hour to complete. You can knock it out during one lunch break. And it’s a great tool for quickly whitening your smile. If you have a bit more time, we can design a special mouthguard and whitening gel for you to use at home.

We’ve seen whitening help patients go from being self-conscious about their smiles to absolutely loving their smiles. Discover your better smile today. Call us at 603-546-7460.

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