5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Changes Your Life

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Many people think cosmetic dentistry is just about making your smile look great. It does that, mind you. Cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental veneers, teeth whitening, tooth bonding, gum reshaping, and more can turn an embarrassing smile into one you’re proud to show. However, the advantages of cosmetic dentistry go much farther than that. Here are five ways getting cosmetic dental treatments from our Nashua, NH dental office can positively change your life.

1. You’ll look and even feel younger.

In some ways, age is just a number. How you feel about getting older is partially a question of attitude. Will you let that number limit you? Then again, there are definite ways you can look older. That’s often a good thing, but it can start to get on your nerves. Wouldn’t it be nice to look just a little younger? Maybe you want to look better for going out on dates, or maybe you just want to look younger for yourself.

Either way, cosmetic dentistry can do just that. Over time, the enamel on your teeth can get a bit unsightly. Chips, stains, and similar problems are more likely when you’re older simply because you’ve lived more. That makes people associate imperfections with being old. When you get teeth whitening, tooth bonding, or dental veneers, your smile will look more than just amazing. It will look younger. That can take a few years off your whole look.

2. You can stop remembering a bad injury that caused the cosmetic problem.

Sometimes, the cosmetic problem with your smile is due to time. As the years have passed by, your teeth may have slid out of alignment or collected some chips and stains. These things happen gradually, and you often do not notice how problematic things have become. There are times, however, when the cosmetic problem happens almost instantly. An injury or accident can ruin an otherwise great smile.

The big problem is how you keep remembering that traumatic injury whenever you see the cosmetic issue. If you chipped a tooth while falling down some stairs, you can easily remember doing that whenever you brush your teeth and see that chip. Cosmetic dentistry like dental veneers can cover such problems. You’ll only see a beautiful smile, so you can stop remembering that bad injury.

3. Your teeth and gums can be healthier.

Can improving the look of your smile really help make you healthier? It can. Some treatments, such as teeth whitening, really have no health benefits. However, a smile full of crooked teeth can change the way you bite. This malocclusion can lead to TMJ pain or worn spots on your teeth. Plus, it’s sometimes easier for food to get stuck between crooked teeth. Getting your smile straight with orthodontics can improve your dental health.

That’s not all. Some cosmetic dentistry treatments end up protecting your teeth while they make them look better. Dental veneers will seal up damage so things like hairline cracks do not get worse. Dental crowns can hold a tooth together and likewise prevent things from getting worse. Both provide an extra layer of protection on your teeth.

4. You can get a boost in your career.

Most workplaces have a dress code of some sort. If you work in a factory, you have to be careful not to wear loose clothes. If you work in an office, you might have to wear ties or suits. Retail employees are often restricted in how you style your hair. All of that is based, at least in part, on being professional. The more professional you look, the more likely your supervisors will see you as a good employee.

Having an unsightly smile isn’t unprofessional exactly, but it still can make you look bad to others. When you get teeth whitening, dental veneers, or similar cosmetic dental treatments, your smile can look amazing. People at work, from factories to offices, will notice. They’ll be more likely to listen to you or want to speak with you. When you look good, people tend to react favorably.

5. Your confidence will increase, which can have wide-reaching effects.

It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you don’t like the way you look. If you’ve ever forgot to do laundry and had to wear something wrinkled and not exactly clean, you know what that feels like. But if your clothes are the problem, you could wear different ones. It’s hard to do that when your smile is the problem. If you lack confidence this way, you’re going to be more hesitant to speak up.

Cosmetic dentistry turns an unsightly smile into one you’ll love. With a great smile, your confidence will be higher. You’ll be more likely to speak up, which can lead to many things.

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