5 Ways Sedation Dentistry Helps You

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You need regular dental exams and dental cleanings. Without both, small problems like sore gums or a tiny cavity you cannot see will get much worse, turning into gum disease or a cavity big enough to threaten your whole tooth.

But when you have dental anxiety, you can still skip those exams and cleanings. That’s because the anxiety and worry caused by thinking about dental visits can be too much to handle. It’s “safer” to stay at home.

You don’t need to feel that way anymore. Call our Nashua, NH dental office today at 603-546-7460 and schedule your next appointment to include sedation dentistry. Our Nasha dentists are expertly trained in offering you oral conscious sedation so you can get the dental care you deserve.

How Sedation Dentistry Helps

Our Nashua dentists are trained to use oral conscious sedation when you have dental anxiety. This is a small pill you take about one hour before your visit. Once it gets to work, you may feel a little groggy but you should stay awake for the visit. That’s so our Nashua dentists can speak with you if they need to.

Even better, oral conscious sedation induces a deeply relaxed feeling. This gets rid of those feelings of worry and anxiety. Instead of being anxious about your dental treatment, you’ll feel just fine. You can finally get the dental treatments you need to keep your mouth healthy.

Besides that, here are some other benefits to getting sedation dentistry at our Nashua, NH dental office.

1. Get Past Stories About Bad Visits

Everyone seems to know a story about a bad dental office visit. Even if you haven’t experienced that yourself, you probably caught one of those stories from a friend, TV show, or book. Stories are powerful. Just hearing about a bad visit (even one that isn’t true) can get caught in your mind and cause some anxiety when you think about going to a dentist in real life.

2. Control A Sensitive Gag Reflex

In order for our Nashua dentists to do their job for you, they will need to work around your teeth. That means putting dental tools in your mouth. For most people, this isn’t a big deal. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s easy to tolerate.

But some people have very sensitive gag reflexes. Just getting a dental cleaning can cause gagging or choking. In these cases, sedation dentistry can help. Because you feel so relaxed, your gag reflex is much harder to trigger. This can help you lie back and get the work done that you need without discomfort.

3. Get More Done In Your Visit

Some people have more than one dental problem with their smile, such as having a cavity and needing some gum disease treatment. Others need a dental treatment that can require a few visits before complete, or one that takes a while to finish. In those cases, you might start to get anxious after being in the dental chair for that long.

Normally, you would split those treatments (or parts of treatments) into several visits. But with sedation dentistry, you’ll be relaxed enough to sit back and get more done in one visit. This can end up saving you time and energy as well as getting your teeth restored much more quickly.

4. Move Past Bad Memories

When you’re a child, a dentist’s office can be intimidating. It’s full of strangers, and they all want to touch your teeth! So even if you never had a problem exactly when you were younger, those early memories could be why you have some dental anxiety these days.

Thankfully, this is exactly what sedation dentistry is for. You can take oral conscious sedation and feel unconcerned about those old memories. Instead, you’ll feel confident and ready to get the dental treatments you need.

5. Better Deal With Anesthesia Resistance

Some people are born resistant to anesthesia. For example, a local anesthetic might not work well if you have the redhead gene. Anesthesia works but not as effectively. In these cases, you can be worried about how a treatment might feel. But with sedation dentistry, you can feel confident and relaxed heading into our Nashua, NH dental office.

Call Nashua Family Dentistry today at 603-546-7460 or use our convenient online form to make your next appointment. Sedation dentistry from our highly trained Nashua dentists can be just what you need to get past dental anxiety and more.

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