6 Reasons To Look Forward To Dental Implants

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When it comes to exercising, you might not look forward to actually starting it. Hitting the gym can be hard to do. But when we finish, we’re usually proud of ourselves — and rightfully so, because you did something good for yourself.

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant can be similar. Restorative dentistry gives your back your smile, but some people can be a bit worried about getting the process started. To help get past that, here are six reasons why you will look forward to getting your dental implant.

1. You won’t have any more problems talking clearly because of lost teeth. In order to speak clearly, you need your teeth. That’s because a lot of sounds in English depend on your teeth. Even a simple word like, “the” requires your front teeth to sound right. Some people can even make a strange whistling noise as air rushes through the empty spot in your teeth. When you replace the missing tooth with a dental implant, you’ll be able to sound normal when you talk.

2. Your jawbone won’t deteriorate. Your natural teeth have roots that extend down into your jawbone. That’s why your teeth are so durable. But there’s an additional benefit to those roots. Whenever you chew, some of the pressure travels down the root. This stimulates the bone tissue and helps keep it healthy. When that root goes away, so does the stimulation. Your bone tissue can start to deteriorate and weaken.

Dental implants use an artificial root made from titanium. Your body accepts this metal. With the artificial root, dental implants have the same durability as your natural teeth. Pressure from chewing will also flow down into your bone tissue. This stimulation helps keep your bone tissue from deteriorating. With dental implants, you get a replacement tooth and a healthier jawbone.

3. Your smile will look complete and great. When people see your smile, they expect to see a full set of teeth. The gap from a missing tooth looks out of place. Worse, people often can’t help but wonder what accident or injury knocked out the tooth. (Even if there was no such accident in the first place.)

With a dental implant, you get a beautiful, natural-looking replacement connected to that implanted root. It’s made to look like the tooth that went missing, so it will look completely natural in your smile. Your smile will also look complete again. When people see your smile, the will probably wonder how your got such great-looking teeth.

4. Your self-esteem and confidence will grow. Another benefit to having a great smile is the boost to your confidence. When you feel that you look bad, you’re a bit embarrassed. If you’ve ever showed up at a restaurant dressed too well or too casually, you know exactly what that feels like. Because the problem is with a missing tooth in your smile, it can also sap your self-esteem.

Now think of getting your missing tooth replaced with a dental implant. That empty spot marring your smile is gone, filled in by an amazing replacement tooth. Knowing your smile looks this good can improve your confidence and your self-esteem.

5. You will have a normal chance of tooth decay or gum disease where the tooth went missing. Both tooth decay and gum disease are caused by the same harmful bacteria in your mouth. They feed off small particles of food and drink left behind in your mouth. That’s why brushing, flossing, and getting regular dental cleanings from our Nashua, NH dental office are so important. They help get rid of the food for harmful bacteria.

When you are missing a tooth, it’s easier to get those food particles stuck in the empty space, especially where the nearby teeth meet your gums. This increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. By filling in that space with a dental implant, you’ll have no greater chance of getting food stuck there as you normally would. That mens you’re back to having a normal chance of tooth decay or gum disease.

6. You’ll be able to chew and eat normally again. It may seem obvious that teeth are needed to chew, but that’s something most people take for granted. Until they lose a tooth, that is. Then it becomes impossible to ignore. Losing your front teeth can make it harder to tear your food. Losing your molars can make it harder to crush up your food. Plus, hard foods like chips can jab into the gums in the empty space.

A great solution to these problems is getting a dental implant. It fills the space just like the old tooth did, so there will be no more jabbing in the gums there. Plus, you’ll be able to chew your food like normal because your smile is like normal.

Dental implants can be part of a full-mouth restoration or done individually. If you are ready to get your missing tooth replaced with a dental implant, call us today at 603-546-7460.

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