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It’s rare, but it happens to many people: you lose a tooth. It could fall out thanks to untreated gum disease, or get knocked out by an injury. If a tooth gets severely damaged or infected, a tooth removal might be necessary to remove the pain. How it happened matters much less than doing something about it.

You need to have all missing teeth replaced. Having gaps in your smile looks bad. Your confidence will likely be lower because of it. It can even change the shape of your face. Your teeth will begin to shift towards that gap since there’s no support in that space anymore. In some cases, you can even start suffering from jawbone deterioration.

At our Nashua, NH dental office, you have a choice to make: Which of these six restorative dentistry treatments do you want for replacing your teeth? Yes, the circumstances can impact your decision. It’s silly to get full removable dentures if you’re only missing one tooth, for example. To help you decide, here are the six ways you can replace missing teeth.

1. Dental implants

Of all of the ways you can replace missing teeth, this might be the most durable and long-lasting. Here, our dentists surgically place a titanium root where your tooth used to be. This mimics that tooth’s root. An abutment connects a replacement tooth to the implant, giving you a brand-new tooth. This root also stimulates the bone tissue in your jaw, which helps it stay healthy. Dental implants often last for 20 years or more, making it one of the more longer-lasting dental restorations as well. However, this dental restoration does require oral surgery.

2. Dental bridges

Not everyone can get a dental implant. It requires a certain amount of healthy bone tissue to safely fuse with the artificial root. A non-surgical way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental bridge. In this dental restoration, you’ll still get a replacement tooth. Instead of a root, it’s held in place by two dental crowns. These are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap. Your replacement tooth is fused to the crowns, making sure it’s held securely.

3. Removable Dentures

When you are missing a lot of teeth, dentures will probably work better for you. Removable dentures are just that — you can take them out when you need to. This is usually at night so your gums can rest and you can clean your dentures. There are two versions. Partial dentures replace several teeth missing in a row. These are normally attached to your existing teeth with tiny clasps. Full dentures replace all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth. They rest on your gums.

4. Implant-Secured Dentures

Full dentures can sometimes move around in your mouth. There’s a way of making sure your dentures stay put: get implant-secured dentures. Here, our dentists at our Nashua, NH dental office can surgically place several artificial roots similar to those used with dental implants. Instead of connecting one replacement tooth on each, your dentures are connected to them.

5. All-on-4 implants

These are similar to implant-secured dentures. They feature a full arch of replacement teeth, and they are connected to four implanted roots. However, the back two roots use a patented angle that provides even stronger support and stability. When placed, you’ll have a full smile strong enough to eat all of the foods you used to enjoy.

6. Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants normally require a good amount of healthy bone tissue and some time to heal before the replacement teeth can be put in. Mini dental implants are the solution to both. They are much smaller, so you can get them placed in parts of your jawbone normally too thin for it. They also do not normally require much healing time.

The Replacement Teeth

Regardless of the specific restorative dentistry treatment, you will get custom-made replacement teeth. Each will be individually made to look like the tooth it’s replacing. They’re also either shaded to have the same color as your other teeth or made to look bright and white like healthy teeth should. They’ll feel natural and allow you to smile, eat, and talk normally again.

There’s no need to suffer from missing teeth when there are so many excellent ways to replace them. If you are unsure which restorative dentistry treatment would be best for you, call us today at 603-546-7460 for a consultation. Our dental team will look at your smile and help you choose what’s best for your smile and your wallet.

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