8 Surprising Health Problems Related To Sleep Apnea

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Snoring all night is much worse than just annoying. It can have some serious health risks. That’s why you need to call our Nashua, NH dental office today for sleep apnea treatment: 603-546-7460. You could be dealing with heart disease, depression, and hypertension before you know it.

When Snoring Becomes A Big Problem

Most people make some noise as they sleep. If you have sleep apnea, then it’s much more than that. You likely snore loudly almost every time you sleep, even during naps. What’s worse is how you wake up so often.

With sleep apnea, you can wake up over two hundred times in a single night’s sleep. That’s because you actually stop breathing. Your body panics and wakes you up, but then you breathe normally again. You fall back asleep, wake, fall asleep, and on and on.

Sleep Apnea-Related Health Problems

All of that robs you of needed rest and even oxygen, since you aren’t breathing correctly. Both can lead to some serious health problems.

Irritability and depression

Sleep does a lot for us. It gives our body a chance to rest, heal, and even grow if we’re young enough. But it also does a lot for our mental health. When you have a sleepless night, you’re often irritable and moody the next day. Sleep apnea makes almost every night awful. That means your irritability can become depression.

Call us today at 603-546-7460 to schedule your next appointment for sleep apnea treatment. Snoring this loudly is not healthy or normal. Thankfully, our dentists have been helping people sleep better for many years. With their experience, you can soon get some much-needed rest.


With sleep apnea, you spend a lot of time in this weird space between sleep and awake. You not quite in either when you stop breathing but just for a little bit. That can trigger other sleep problems. People with sleep apnea can find out they’ve been sleepwalking, sleeptalking, and even sleep eating without realizing it.

All of that can be dangerous, which is why you need to call our Nashua, NH dental office today. Our oral appliances can treat your sleep apnea and help avoid sleepwalking and more. Dr. Kiehl has taken training in using oral appliances for sleep apnea treatment, so he knows how much good this small device can do.

Lack of focus

When you’re tired, it’s hard to focus on things. When you’re exhausted most of the time thanks to sleep apnea, that lack of focus can be a serious problem. Not being able to do accurate work can get you in trouble at work, but what about remembering to take the right medication each day? What about cooking or repairing things around the house? A moment of inattention can be dangerous.

That’s why you need to call Nashua Family Dentistry today for sleep apnea treatment. With our dentists’ attention to detail and extensive education, you can finally be able to get more sleep and focus more when you really need it.

Car accidents

Along the same lines, driving is almost a requirement here in the US. We have to drive to school, work, stores, and more. When you’re suffering from sleep apnea, you’re exhausted so often. If you lose focus while driving, you could get into a serious accident.

By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment for sleep apnea treatment. Our dentists know how to use an oral appliance to help you breathe better at night. This can help you sleep much better. When you’re behind the wheel, you’ll be more attentive and safe.

Heart disease and hypertension

When sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing, you’re not getting the oxygen your body needs. There’s still some in your blood, just not enough. To compensate, your body starts pumping blood faster so what little oxygen you have is spread throughout your body. That puts extra stress on your heart and blood vessels. Since this happens each night, people with sleep apnea often suffer from hypertension and heart disease.

Our dentists have the advanced training needed to treat sleep apnea with an oral appliance. This small device sits over your teeth as you sleep and helps you breathe more easily. By working with our highly trained dentists, you can reduce the stress on your heart and blood vessels.

Call us TODAY at 603-546-7460 to schedule your appointment for sleep apnea treatment. Our dental team has the right mix of training and experience to help you finally get the sleep you deserve.

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