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You may have had various cosmetic dentistry procedures from different dentists to enhance your smile. Hopefully, you’re happy with the results, but it’s all too common to experience uneven results that just don’t look natural. Or perhaps you’ve never had cosmetic dentistry, but you want to beautify your smile. Regardless, your best option to get the beautiful yet natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted is with a Smile Makeover from Dr. James Kiehl at Nashua Family Dentistry in Nashua, NH.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover is a systematic approach to cosmetic dentistry that begins with your end goal in mind. Dr. Kiehl begins with a thorough examination to determine the state of your mouth. He’ll discuss your goals for your smile with you in depth, and then create a step-by-step plan to accomplish those goals.

Receiving all your cosmetic dentistry work from a single skilled provider is the best way to make sure that everything is consistent as well as beautiful.

Dr. Kiehl will create a plan and a schedule for your Smile Makeover that takes into account your availability and your budget. It’s often possible to complete several procedures in one sitting which saves you time and money.

You’ll see a wax model of your finished smile for your approval before any work begins.

Here’s What’s Possible For Your Smile

Dr. Kiehl can draw upon a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Those procedures include:

One Patient’s Story

Francois C. lived through the era of “metal dentistry.” In addition to two metal teeth, he had a lot of metal fillings and other issues.

Here’s what he had to say about his Smile Makeover. 

“Years ago, the standard of care was to have exposed metal, so I looked like Jaws and the guy in the James Bond movies. I had two gigantic exposed stainless steel teeth or something. So that was replaced. It might be bad for people around me that I open my mouth more, but yeah, they were right there, so as soon as I opened, right at the back here, the lower jaw, and as soon as I opened my mouth, to me it seemed like they were giant saws, big metallic saws.

“Yeah, I feel more confident, it’s just more pleasing. I don’t have to look at myself. But I like my girlfriend, I like people around me to not be assaulted by the look of poor quality work on my teeth.

“I chipped a bunch of my teeth, so that was fixed. So over time … And the fillings now, the standard of care is to have white fillings. I used to have so many metallic fillings. So that’s been quite improved. There’s a plan for a tooth that has slowly died over the years, that has changed the color, to fix that as well. So cosmetic, but the fact is, I have a lot of repair to be done, but it’s nicer at the same time; it’s like killing two birds with one stone. The cosmetic aspect is so much better now.”

The Smile Of Your Dreams Awaits

You don’t have to live with a smile that you don’t like or are embarrassed to show. Get started on your personalized Smile Makeover by scheduling a consultation with Dr. James Kiehl at Nashua Family Dentistry in Nashua, NH. Call our office at 603-546-7460 today.

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