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Bridging The Gaps | Nashua Family Dentistry

If you’re born any later than 1980, you might not know what a domino is other than the app on your phone that delivers your pizza.

For us adults who had to get their entertainment from something other than video games of the Internet (neither of which were invented yet when we were kids), then you might remember how you first began playing with them: Lining them up, and knocking them down.

Just as that first domino is connected to the last one by the end of the cascade, the same is true for the teeth in your head. Letting harm fall to one is, in many ways, inviting danger to the rest of them.

Oral health conditions such as gum disease can start in the same way. It begins innocently enough with an infection in one tooth, and if untreated, it can spread throughout your entire mouth, threatening the integrity and the quality of your entire smile until nothing is left. You don’t have to let your smile get to this worst case scenario to suffer serious harm to the well-being of your teeth and gums, as just losing one tooth can be enough to destroy your confidence.

But if you have lost multiple teeth, but haven’t done anything to replace them, then you’re still waiting for more dominoes to fall: Leaving exposed tooth sockets can disrupt the mouth’s natural balance, and can help gum disease to spread more efficiently, to say nothing of infections in the sockets themselves.

What you need is top-shelf restorative dentistry that won’t just prevent further danger to the smile you’ve got, but can repair it in order to deliver the smile you want. By getting a crown or bridge, you are preventing any more of your pearly dominoes from falling, and taking charge of your self-esteem and your personal appearance.

So Which Is It: A Crown Or A Bridge?

The answer to that question, as is often the case with your Nashua dentist, depends upon the unique issues and challenges posed by your smile.

Generally speaking, however, a good rule of thumb is that if you have one missing or damaged tooth, a crown will be sufficient. If you have multiple (say, three or four) teeth that are in pretty bad shape, then you could greatly benefit from a bridge, which is basically a row of crowns.

The crowns I use are made from either 100% porcelain for maximum beauty, or a combination of porcelain and metal for maximum strength. Again, the needs of your smile will be the number one factor in which procedure is the right one for you. Any dentist who says differently isn’t a dentist I would trust with my smile, and mine is no more important than yours.

If you have a series of damaged teeth, then I can clean and prepare those teeth for such a bridge to be installed on top of them, usually by a strong, safe chemical sealant. If you have missing teeth, then I may recommend a dental implant which can serve as a sturdy anchor to the bridge itself.

No matter the particulars, I can get you a new smile that’s better looking and better functioning than the one you’ve had to put up with all of this time. By accepting this treatment now, you are also preventing further, more costly damage from affecting your smile in the future.

But if you neglect this necessary treatment, and continue to leave the fate of your smile up to chance, then let’s just say you’re playing the most expensive game of dominoes of your entire life – and that is a game you are bound to lose.


Accepting Treatment Begins With Your Appointment


I can’t do anything to help you unless you make fixing the problem teeth in your a smile a priority this Spring. Soon, Spring will give way to Summer, and then Fall, and before you (and others) know it, your smile is one year worse for the wear.

A bridge will restore beauty, function, and promote overall better oral health than most any other method of dealing with groups of dysfunctional or non-functioning teeth.

To begin stacking those dominoes in your favor, I invite you to please call me at 603-546-7460. If your pain is too great to speak at length, or if you were born after 1980, then by all means request an appointment with my practice online by clicking this link.

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