Celebrate Spring With A Brighter Smile

Celebrate Spring With A Brighter Smile | Nashua Family Dentistry

Nobody likes being left behind, least of all you.

As the landscape around us begins to blossom anew in the embrace of Springtime, those things which continue to hold onto the gray coldness of Winter stick out like sore thumbs.

Like your smile, for instance. With the world coming back to life and shaking off the final cold of an especially harsh New England weather, your smile is going to stand out – and not in a good way.

It almost doesn’t seem fair, in a way, that you should have to make do with that same-old dingy smile while everything around you teems with beauty and vitality. Nature isn’t trying to make a mockery of your dull smile, but it can surely feel that way when you haven’t done anything to keep your teeth looking their absolute best.

All of those cups of coffee and tea that kept you warm during the cold months have definitely taken their toll, and instead of greeting Spring with a smile, you wish you could keep hiding it behind a scarf.

Soon you won’t have that luxury, and the unsightliness of your smile will be even harder to hide than before. Instead of enjoying everything that Spring has to offer, you’ll be too busy trying to keep your hands over your mouth whenever you laugh or yawn.

That’s a routine you don’t want to fall into, and maybe you’ve decided to do something about it. If that’s the case, then you might already be acquainted with teeth whitening products courtesy of your local drugstore.

What those products don’t advertise is that they cannot get your smile as white as your Nashua dentist can. And why would they? It would be bad for their business if you knew how badly those products were short-changing you compared to the kind of professional teeth whitening services that I can give you!

It’s Called “Zoom!®” Whitening For A Reason

When you come to my office for a teeth whitening treatment, I can make your teeth whiter in just one session! It won’t take weeks or even days to achieve the whitest possible smile with Zoom!®.

Those over-the-counter whitening products? They can take up to two weeks or more to achieve a noticeable lightening of your natural tooth coloration, and even then it won’t be perfectly white.

How is this possible? It’s science.

Commercial whitening gels contain a limited amount of peroxides and other whitening agents, and as a result, they’ll only succeed in eliminating stains on the exterior of your teeth. It’s better than nothing, but it’s money out of your pocket to achieve an inferior result.

With Zoom!® whitening, on the other hand, the peroxide levels are much higher, and can therefore penetrate the enamel of your teeth to get those hard-to-reach stains that burrow beneath the tooth enamel. In the process, your smile will be whiter than you’ve ever thought possible!

In addition to the higher peroxide levels, Zoom!® whitening uses a special “activation” lamp that effectively supercharges the effects of the whitening gel. A process that could take weeks is thus accelerated to a matter of minutes! It’s perfect to achieve a whiter smile on a deadline, such as before a special occasion or important social event when looking anything less than your best isn’t an option.

The only major drawback to this whitening treatment is that, in the hours and days immediately following, you must avoid any dark foods, sauces, or other liquids that will re-stain your teeth. The whitening gel has effectively opened up the tiny pores of your teeth for the first time, and as a result stains could more easily occur before your teeth have had time to readjust.

But it’s a small inconvenience compared to the glamour and confidence that comes with a Zoom!®-whitened smile!

Is A Zoom!® Smile RIght For You?

There’s only one way to find out, and it doesn’t involve wasting your money at the drugstore.

You must make an appointment with me so that I can examine the health of your teeth and gums to make sure that they are in good enough shape to receive this revolutionary whitening treatment. (Speaking of which, now would be as good time as any to start brushing and flossing again if you’ve been neglecting to do so)

To make that appointment, I want you to call me at 603-546-7460. You may also request an appointment online by clicking here and filling out an easy questionnaire.

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