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Take a moment and try to think of the worst thing you can imagine happening to your child’s smile.

Chances are, it’s having a tooth (or multiple teeth) knocked out on the playground or on the playing field. And what’s really scary about it – aside from the trauma and shock it will inflict on your child or adolescent – is just how quickly it can happen: One moment everything is fine, and in the next the referee has paused the game and there you go, rushing onto the field.

Your next move is to get in the car and head to your Nashua dentist’s office to seek immediate treatment – but if you don’t have a regular dentist, or you don’t trust your current one, then what are you and yours to do?

It’s stressful situations like this where my staff and I shine. We will make your family’s dental emergency our top priority, and will do our best to schedule treatment on the very day of the accident. That’s because we know that when a disaster such as a sports-related oral injury happens, you don’t have time to waste; every second is crucial – not just in terms of rapid treatment, but in the pain your child will suffer through.

That’s why I want to walk you through some simple steps that you can follow to reduce the trauma of a sudden and unexpected oral injury.


What To Do, And What Not To Do

Our dental emergency walkthrough will, as you can already tell, have two parts: The first part will focus on the things you as a parent or guardian can do to minimize the trauma on your little athlete; and the second part will address a few things and behaviors you should avoid doing to avoid making the situation any worse.

Let’s begin, shall we?


What To Do


  • Answer questions swiftly – You’ll want to do your best to keep your child’s imagination from getting the better of them, and you can help keep it in check by keeping your responses short and to the point.


  • Be positive and confident – When your child is suffering in the immediate aftermath of a dental emergency, your behavior will help inform their behavior. If you can keep your cool, then chances are they will, too.


  • Trust us – We specialize in restorative and reconstructive treatments for any size smile, and for any age. If you don’t know the answer to a specific question, let them know that their dentist knows, and is going to fix the problem right away.


What Not To Do


  • Don’t dwell on gory details – Just as you want to keep their attention away from dwelling on the nature and implications of their oral injury, you don’t want to answer any questions that remind them of it. It will only increase their anxiety, which can make treatment difficult by the time you arrive at my office.


  • Don’t lose your patience – Dealing with an oral injury is stressful enough without you losing your temper. Your child will take their cues from your lead, so make sure the example you set is a good one.


  • Take advantage of your dentist – If you take your family to my office to establish a fresh record of their dental landscape, it can make it much easier and much quicker for me to provide reconstructive treatment.


Of course, while you’re with us, you can completely avoid the chance of a debilitating oral injury by getting a customized athletic mouthguard, further protecting your family by making preventive dentistry a priority. That way, they can be confident during the big game, and they’ll play like it, too!

And the best way to secure those benefits is to take action before disaster strikes, and make your appointment today.


Easy Ways To Get In Touch

I want you to reach out to me while things are quiet, and your family’s teeth are in their right place. We can get ahead of oral injury, and prevent them from ever happening.

To make your appointment, I offer a couple of easy ways to do it. You can give me a call at (603) 546-7460, or you can request your appointment online by filling out a web form.

You won’t have to worry about all of the things that can go wrong when kids play sports when you have this Nashua dentist in your corner.

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