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If you occasionally have a night where you snore a bit, that might not be a problem. After all, few people are ever totally quiet as they sleep. But if you or someone you love is snoring really loudly most nights, then that could mean sleep apnea. This condition is much more than just bad snoring. It could lead to car accidents, sleep behaviors, depression, and more.

That’s why you need to call our Nashua, NH dental office today at 603-546-7460 and make an appointment for sleep apnea treatment. Our dentists are highly trained at using a special mouthguard to help you sleep through the night.

Why You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing while asleep. There are a few versions, but the most common one is called obstructive sleep apnea. In this condition, your muscles in your throat start to relax too much when you fall asleep. Their weight begins to press down on your airway.

As your airway bends, you start snoring loudly as you try to force air through a narrow passage. Eventually, your airway closes entirely under the weight of those muscles. You start to wake up in a panic because you can’t breathe! But as soon as you start to awaken, those throat muscles tighten up and you can breathe once more.

This means you never really wake up, but because this cycle happens over 200 times each night, you’re also never really asleep. In other words, sleep apnea robs your body (and your mind) of the sleep it needs to stay healthy.

Facts & Myths About Sleep Apnea

MYTH: Sleep apnea isn’t bad because it’s just some lost sleep.
FACT: Sleep apnea can lead to several dangerous problems.

If this problem really was only the occasional night of lost sleep, then it wouldn’t be a big problem. But sleep apnea stops you from getting a good night’s sleep most of the time. That means you go through your days not just missing a little sleep but sleep deprived.

This leads to several dangerous problems, such as depression, heart disease, hypertension, and even car accidents. That’s why you need to call us today at 603-546-7460 and schedule sleep apnea treatment.

MYTH: If you have sleep apnea, you need a CPAP machine.
FACT: Many people get sleep apnea treatment with a special mouthguard instead.

A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is often used to treat sleep apnea. This bulky device requires you to sleep with a mask over your nose and mouth. It’s attached to a machine that pumps air into the mask, creating air pressure that helps your throat stay open. It works, but many people can’t sleep well due to the noise and uncomfortable mask.

But that’s not the only way to treat sleep apnea. At our Nashua, NH dental office, you can get a special mouthguard that shifts your jaw just enough to help keep your airway clear as you sleep. For many people, this is just what they need to get the rest their body and mind needs.

MYTH: Only people who are overweight have sleep apnea.
FACT: Overweight people are at a higher risk, but thin people can get sleep apnea.

If you are overweight, then you have a better chance of developing sleep apnea. That’s probably why the myth grew that only people who are overweight will get sleep apnea. That’s simply not correct.

No matter what your weight or fitness level might be, you can still get sleep apnea. That’s why you need to call Nashua Family Dentistry if you are snoring at night or waking up still tired. The longer you wait to call, the worse your sleep apnea could become.

MYTH: You can get rid of sleep apnea by sleeping on your side.
FACT: Sleep apnea is a medical condition that needs treatment.

Few people are ever perfectly quiet when they sleep. That means you can occasionally snore and still not have sleep apnea. One possible “cure” to occasional snoring is to sleep on your side instead of your back. There are even websites claiming you should tape a tennis ball to your back to keep you on your side during the night.

This can work for some people — if they don’t have sleep apnea. Because this condition causes your airway to bend and eventually close, it won’t matter how you sleep. As the airway grows smaller, pushing and pulling air into your lungs will make vibrations that cause the snoring.

Call Nashua Family Dentistry today at 603-546-7460 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment for sleep apnea treatment. For many years, our dentists have been helping people with a special mouthguard to finally get the sleep they need.

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