Eliminating “Clenched-Mouth Syndrome” With Cosmetic Dentistry

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While it’s not a life-threatening oral health condition, Clenched-Mouth Syndrome (CMS) can do a number on your confidence.

Teeth that suffer from obvious imperfection – things like chips, cracks, and stains – are among the leading factors of this ego-deflating condition. By far, it’s the missing teeth which are going to be the greatest contributor to your CMS.

(If you’re confusing CMS with TMJ disorder, and your jaw is hurting, please visit our relevant page on the subject.)


When Your Embarrassment Is Too Great To Bear

“Clenched teeth syndrome” isn’t a clinical dental condition; it’s my personal name for a behavior displayed by patients who have endured embarrassing smiles for so long, that they clench their jaws when they smile in order to hide their imperfections.

I see it especially in my patients who first came to me when they still had missing teeth. Over time, they’ve been conditioned to refrain from smiling as a result of showing those imperfections and getting a bad reaction.

Rather than risk the further erosion of your self-esteem, your thinking probably goes, it’s better to hide the embarrassment with a strange half-smile than to fully express yourself and run the risk of a spiteful, rude comment thrown your way. Better to not smile at all sometimes than go through those painful motions again, right?

While I can understand and empathize with your frustrations and the toll it takes on your confidence, there is really no good excuse to allow whatever it is that’s robbed your smile of beauty and health to keep getting worse. You can actually do something about it.

And that something is to let your Nashua dentist repair and enhance your smile with a transformative yet gentle cosmetic dentistry treatment!


Cosmetic Options That Suit You

When you’ve summoned the courage to get serious about seeking a cosmetic dental restoration, your first step is to reach out to us and set up your consultation appointment.

That appointment will begin with a relaxed conversation where we’ll discuss how you feel about your smile, and what you’d like to fix. I’ll take a look and see what kind of shape your smile is in. (On that note, if you haven’t been regularly going to your Nashua dentist, then you may need to clear up some issues before we can address certain cosmetic options.)

Once I’ve taken a look, I can offer you an assessment that you can think of as a road map. Instead of asphalt and terrain on this map, it’s your teeth and gums. Each “destination” will be a smile goal, such as straighter teeth, whiter teeth, or the like. Each “route” on this smile map is the type of treatment which will work best, based on the individual layout of your smile.

For example, if your destination lies in correcting a slight-to-moderate gap in your teeth, did you realize that you may not need braces after all to address the problem? By taking the route of a tooth-bonding procedure, which will be sculpted into beautiful shape right onto your teeth, you have straight, attractive teeth without enduring years of orthodontic treatment. That means money in your pocket.

After you have successfully completed your treatments, and reach the goals and destinations on your personal smile map, you can say goodbye to clenched-mouth syndrome. You will have earned a smile that fills you not with dread and shame, but with pride. Everyone deserves to feel confident in their smile, and you’re no different.

I can’t tell you how many patients who have come into my Nashua dentist’s office and, after suffering in silence and clenched-smiles, have been brought to tears of joy when they look in the mirror. Some of their stories on on my website. It’s what makes being a dentist so rewarding, and it’s exactly the kind of experience you deserve if you want to really smile again.


Secure Your Confidence With An Appointment


You don’t have to keep dealing with the shame and the lowered quality of life that comes with an inferior smile. You have the power to change this, and that change begins with your first appointment with me.

You can reach me at (603) 546-7460 throughout the week, or you may request your appointment online by filling out this quick and simple web questionnaire.

The sooner you make your appointment, the sooner you can stop clenching, and start smiling with newfound freedom!

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