Five Ways Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile

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How many times in your life have you thought you finally solved a big problem, only to discover that you were barely scratching the surface?

It can be a little demoralizing, can’t it? All of your hard work and perseverance, all of that sweat and effort, them BAM! That moment when it hits you that you’ve just been dealing with a symptom, and not the cause.

Whether it’s a project at work or a crisis at home, these kinds of setbacks can give you pause to carry forward, and to remain stuck in a rut, feeling powerless to change things. But you know that turning back isn’t an option.

The same is true for your teeth.

If you’ve got a cracked tooth or worse, you probably have realized by now that you cannot brush or floss your way out of it. Indeed, all of the mouthwash in the world cannot get to the root of an advanced problem.

So maybe you’ve gotten used to that dull toothache, but you know that, the more you try to play it off, or try to put other problems ahead of it, it’s only going to be harder to deal with in the long run.

If this sounds like you, then you might be luckier than you thought.


Because the solution is a simple, cost-effective dental implant that can get you focused on something other than pain and embarrassment.

It’s not often that life presents you with a concrete answer, but at Nashua Area Family Dentistry, that’s our specialty when it comes to improving your smile.


Benefits of Dental Implants


Simply put, a dental implant is a replacement for your natural tooth down to the root level. For a variety of reasons the tooth, the root, or both can become damaged or destroyed. If untreated, this mess can spawn infections which will threaten your entire mouth!

Aside from saving your smile from a slow and painful death, here are five of the best benefits that a new, top-quality dental implant can give you that you may not realize.



  1. Smile Security. An implant is firmly secured beneath the gum line, and is stronger than the root it replaces. You won’t have to worry about getting them replaced, as they boast a 98% success rate – or longer if you properly maintain them. That also means reduced chance of developing potentially dangerous mouth diseases, which can threaten your overall health.


  1. Enhanced Beauty. Implants are exact replicas of your original tooth, but they are whiter and far more stain resistant. They will make your smile brighter, for longer.
  1. Improved Diet. A broken tooth is a useless tooth. Depending on how damaged your problem tooth or teeth might be, it’s likely you cannot chew the foods you want to eat without experiencing excruciating pain. An implant will allow you to eat healthier raw foods like nuts and root vegetables, which are crucial to a properly balanced, healthy diet, without the pain.
  1. Easy Maintenance. Dental implants can improve the overall alignment of your teeth, making them properly spaced. This allows for easier brushing and flossing, and can reduce the chance of food particles from getting stuck between your teeth and developing into harmful bacteria.
  1. Peace of Mind. When you add up all of the above benefits, you gain an advantage that’s more than something you can taste or touch: You get a life free from worrying over pain and embarrassment; a smile that gives you confidence and self-esteem; a peace of mind that you didn’t think was possible.


When you take all of these factors into consideration, you can see the simple truth: That a dental implant can have remarkable positive effects on your life if you’re suffering from unsightly, unhealthy teeth.


You’ve Got The Reasons, Now Do Something About It


It’s not enough to know how a dental implant can change your life. Now that you’ve identified the problem and have the solution, there’s just one step left: Let my amazing staff and I help you the rest of the way with treatment you deserve.

To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 603-546-7460, or you can request an appointment with us online.

We can help you do something to get to the root of your problems and solve them with a dental implant, but only if you take action!

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