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This Halloween doesn’t have to be a horror story when it comes to your children’s oral health. If you’d like tips on how to keep your kids from developing cavities or other oral health issues, call Nashua Family Dentistry at 603-546-7460 today!

For over four decades, our Nashua, NH dentist office has been providing a wide array of dental services for patients of all ages. Dr. James E. Kiehl, Dr. Stephen A. Cohen, and our professional team offer quality general dentistry options so your kids can maintain healthy, beautiful smiles.

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Parents all over the country have the same fears you are probably starting to feel right now. Just one night out collecting candy on Halloween and your kid could be snacking on sugary, empty calorie treats for weeks afterward. You want them to have fun and enjoy themselves of course, but you’re also concerned this could end up damaging your kids’ smiles down the road.

The good news is, there are ways that you can allow your children to indulge while also helping them to avoid dental problems and the need for restorative dentistry treatments like tooth fillings.

One thing that might help is paying attention to the types of candies that your children are eating. When sugars or starches are present in the mouth, bacteria in dental plaque produces acids that slowly cause damage to tooth enamel, eventually leading to cavities. So the longer a specific candy lasts, the higher the risk for your kiddos’ smiles.

Roughly 90 percent of all foods contain sugars or starches. But the problem with a lot of Halloween candy is that not only are they void of any real nutrients, a lot of them are also sticky and long-lasting. That means that when your child is enjoying a sucker or hard candy, their teeth are being affected by bacteria and acid the whole time they are eating these sugary treats.

Gummy, sticky candies also stay on the teeth longer and allow cavity-causing bacteria to do more damage. But that’s not the only thing to be concerned about with candies like caramel, taffy, and chewing gum. These chewy candies can also pull out baby teeth prematurely and dislodge fillings and dental crowns.

Obviously, you don’t want your kids eating too much of any candy, but instead of hard candies, you can try encouraging them to consume treats that melt and disappear quickly, like chocolate.

You should also make sure your children have a full, balanced meal before going trick or treating so they won’t be as tempted to fill up on candy.

And if your children do come home with a large sack of candy that will last well past Halloween, you can prevent them from having cavity-causing bacteria running wild in their mouth all day by making a deal with them to enjoy some candy as a dessert after a meal instead of as a snack. They’ll still get to eat their candy, but they won’t be subjecting their teeth to sugar all day.

And of course one of the best ways to keep cavities and other issues from affecting your children is by encouraging great oral hygiene habits.

After Halloween and on every other night, you should get your kids to brush their teeth for two full minutes with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled tooth brush. They should also do this in the morning. If possible, you could even get your children to brush following every meal.

Your children should also floss at least once a day to help keep the tight spaces between teeth free of decay-causing bacteria. If recommended by our dentists, they could also use a mouthwash or rinse.

Because regular brushing and flossing cannot provide clean all the small difficult-to-clean places in our mouths, you should also bring your children in every six months for a professional dental cleaning and exam. Not only will we clean their teeth thoroughly, we’ll also be able to catch signs of dental problems early while they are still easily manageable.

When you and your loved ones visit our office, our friendly team will do everything we can to make the experience as pleasant as possible!

Let your kids enjoy Halloween without having to deal with major dental problems later by calling Nashua Family Dentistry at 603-546-7460 for oral health tips and general dentistry services. You can also visit us in person at our easy-to-find Nashua, NH dentist office or use our handy online form to schedule an appointment.

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