How To Choose The Right Crown

Choice is a good thing. It means you have options, and that you’re not forced to follow any one path.

But too much of anything isn’t always good.

Sometimes the consequences of being overwhelmed with choices are small, like when you go to the grocery and are confronted with dozens of brands for the same product. At worst, you wave your hands and grab any old box of macaroni.

Other times, the consequences are bigger, such as choosing the right crown for your unsightly, embarrassing broken tooth. In that case, you can’t just wave your hands.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone to help you make the right choice?

That’s where we come in, to help guide you through the important process of choosing a crown that’s right for you.

So let me walk you through the many methods we have to cap your tooth and get your smile back to where it needs to be: Beaming, bright, and beautiful.


What is a dental crown?


A quick explanation before we begin: A crown is simply a covering for a broken tooth that is adhered in place. It can salvage a decayed tooth that’s in too poor of a shape to undergo a filling procedure, but isn’t bad enough to require a more invasive dental implant.

My team at Nashua Area Family Dentistry will determine which dental crown procedure is right for you by examining the tooth or teeth that are giving you problems. Our expertise will guide the process, which means all you have to do is call us and get the treatment. We’ll do the rest!

Now then, as for the different types of crowns, here is a brief list and description of the services we can offer you:



A shimmering, sturdy material that’s ideal for missing front teeth, porcelain dental crowns are one of the most common types of crowns used by dentists the world over to improve the smiles of millions. If you’re allergic to certain metals, we will definitely recommend a porcelain crown. The only drawbacks are that they can be a little harder on opposing natural teeth than other materials, and aren’t as strong as crowns which contain metals.


Metal-fused Porcelain.

A stronger alternative, our porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns offer greater resilience and strength compared to their all-porcelain counterparts. However, they can still result in greater wear on opposing teeth, which must be taken into consideration. A receding gum line could also reveal the metal components underneath, which can make them good candidates for molars that aren’t as visible when you smile.

What’s more, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are the closest to resembling the appearance of natural teeth next to an all-porcelain crown, so you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty for added security.


Metal crowns.

You probably remember these growing up. Even though they are the farthest thing from natural-looking teeth, they have their benefits. Usually constructed from a gold alloy, metal crowns are gentler on your opposing teeth, and won’t chip or crack under heavy stress. That makes a metal crown the longest lasting crown you can get, so once we’ve installed it for you, chances are you’re good to go for a long, long time.

But as I said, their metallic coloring limits where you probably want them, which is why we’d recommend them for problem teeth located far back in your mouth.


All-resin Crowns.

Hands-down, these are the cheapest type available, making the all-resign crown a cost-effective solution to improving your smile and oral health. Their main weakness is that they’re not as hardy as most other crowns, which can make them more prone to fracturing than a porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown.


Stainless Steel.

These types of crowns are best suited for children or as temporary crowns while your permanent one is being sculpted. For kids, the advantage is that they can be used to protect their baby teeth if those teeth have suffered damage, and will come out naturally with the baby tooth when their next set of teeth emerge from the gum line.


Pop Quiz: What Do They All Have In Common?


Answer: They improve your smile beyond the state that it’s in!

We can take the mystery out of these intimidating choices and give you control over your smile.

But we can’t do it without you. Please call us at 603-546-7460 today to schedule an appointment that will result in the right choice for you.

Or you can request an appointment online by filling out a simple form.

Choices don’t have to be hard anymore once you choose Nashua Area Family Dentistry!

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