How Tobacco Hurts More Than Your Lungs

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You know you need to quit. Your lungs can only take so much smoking. But what about the damage to your teeth and gums? Did you know even chewing tobacco can hurt them? Call us today at 603-546-7460 to make an appointment with our Nashua, NH dental office. Our dentists are skilled at diagnosing and treating problems caused by tobacco.

What Tobacco Does To Your Dental Health

– Your teeth get stained and yellow.

Your teeth can get stained from lots of food and drink, but using tobacco stains your teeth as well. Whether you smoke or chew, tiny particles get stuck to imperfections in your enamel. Anyone who uses tobacco regularly will get stained and yellow teeth soon enough.

That’s why you need to call us today for teeth whitening. This treatment can lift those tobacco stains and give you a smile worth showing off to people. Plus, our dentists are highly trained in using teeth whitening successfully.

– Gum disease and root canals become more likely thanks to a weaker immune system.

Bacteria live in your mouth. They can cause tooth decay, but they can also infect your gum tissue and teeth. Your immune system should fight these bacteria. When you use tobacco regularly, however, your immune system is weaker. It can’t fight infections as well, increasing the risk of having serious dental problems.

By calling our Nashua, NH dental office today, you can schedule an appointment for a dental exam. Our team can look for signs of infections. If we spot any, our dentists can give you treatments to help fight gum disease.

– You’ll heal more slowly, making oral surgery riskier.

Tobacco doesn’t just interfere with your immune system. It makes your whole body heal more slowly. When it comes to oral surgery needed for dental implants or gum grafts, that means you’re facing a much longer recovery time. It can even make oral surgery more risky.

Call us today at 603-546-7460 for your next appointment. We can discuss non-surgical treatments such as dental bridges. You can also speak to us about any complications you might have because you use tobacco. Our dentists are well-trained and can help determine your best option.

– Grit inside chew and cigars can damage your enamel.

Tobacco is grown in the soil, so it’s natural to find some grit or sand in products like chewing tobacco and cigars. Both leave tobacco untreated for the most part, unlike cigarettes. That grit can easily rub up against your teeth, scraping away a little bit of enamel. It’s small, but as with stains, it starts to build up before you know it.

When you call Nashua Family Dentistry today, let us know if you use cigars or chewing tobacco. Our dentists know what can damage teeth and how to help. For example, you might need tooth bonding or dental crowns to protect weakened teeth.

– Saliva is reduced, increasing your risk of tooth decay.

Your teeth depend on saliva. It washes away some of the food particles that get stuck in your mouth. Since bacteria need those particles to survive, saliva helps fight tooth decay. But when you use tobacco regularly, your saliva flow is reduced. As a consequence, you have a higher risk of cavities.

You obviously need to stop smoking. Until you do, call our Nashua, NH dental office for your next dental cleaning and exam. These can help get rid of bacteria and the food particles they love. Our team knows how to properly clean your teeth, and our digital X-rays can help spot cavities before they grow big and painful.

– Oral cancer risk gets much higher.

This should be obvious. However, many people think of oral cancer as affecting their lips or cheeks. It can also happen on your gums. When it does, it can easily make some of your teeth fall out.

All of our dental exams include an oral cancer screening. Because our dentists are specifically trained in that, you can get a diagnosis early enough to make treatment more successful.

Tobacco is not an easy thing to quit. That’s why you need to call us TODAY at 603-546-7460 and schedule your next dental visit. Our team can help your teeth and gums survive while you find a way to quit that works.

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