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It can be difficult to believe, given the temperature outside, but Spring is almost upon us.

Soon, flowers will be in bloom, birds will begin their song anew, and snow will be a distant memory. The renewal of Spring holds so many promises, and with them come seasonal responsibilities.

I’m talking about Spring cleaning, of course. It’s a necessary chore, clearing out the dust and debris that accumulates over the Winter, but it’s an important chore, as well. If you don’t restore your home and make room for the new year in earnest, the clutter can have a way of getting away from you.

The junk will pile up before you know it, and it will seem like you’ll be spending your every waking minute trying to keep your head above it all.

The same is true for your smile. Months – maybe even years – of neglect has left it with its fair share of cobwebs that need cleaning out, for lack of a better phrase, but you don’t even know where to begin.

Unlike a cluttered home, however, letting this kind of dental “clutter” build up in your smile can cause it to fall apart.

Maybe it has already started to. By waiting so long to take care of the issues inside your mouth, you are seriously at risk for a wide range of oral health conditions that, in a worst case scenario, could mean losing some or all of your teeth, not to mention other health problems beyond your mouth.

What you need is the dental equivalent of a Spring cleaning; in other words, a total smile restoration.

I specialize in identifying these kinds of problems in my patients and correcting them to transform their smiles from the dead of Winter to the vibrancy of Spring. The steps involved in a smile restoration will rejuvenate even the dullest of smiles – including yours!


Planning A Smile Strategy


You might be wondering “Doc, what exactly is a smile restoration?”

It’s a reasonable question. The answer is that there is no one particular procedure or set of procedures that define any given smile restoration therapy. That’s because each smile restoration is individually tailored to the patient. No two smiles are alike, and similarly, no two smiles will have the same needs.

Yet there is one thing all of them have in common: An initial consultation appointment. Every single patient who has asked me to conduct a smile restoration has started with an examination.

In order to plan a course of action for the future of your smile, I will have to examine it in its present state. That way, I can spot any conditions or problems that have been causing you pain, embarrassment, or both, and I can devise a set of treatments to fix it.

For example, if you have a cracked tooth, discolored teeth, and puffy red gums, then you would need a chemical tooth bonding, a whitening procedure, and laser gum disease treatment, or some combination of them.

If you have missing or eroded teeth and a loose filling (or three), then I would recommend a porcelain dental bridge and a natural-looking composite replacement filling.

As you can probably tell, the procedures that will be required are based solely upon the needs of your deteriorating smile. I will work with you to devise the right strategy to enhance your smile beyond what you thought capable.

The longer you wait to restore the state of your smile, the bigger your problems will become. Bigger problems not only mean bigger pain, but it will mean a bigger price tag, too. Just as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, every moment you wait to let your Nashua dentist revitalize the health and the beauty of your smile, the worse it is going to become – and therefore, more expensive.

If you wait too long for your “Spring smile cleaning,” then you could be looking at a case where your smile is forever in the cold of a self-made Winter.

When you schedule your appointment with me, I can begin to thaw the freeze that has taken hold of your smile, and lay the foundation for a warm, inviting set of healthy teeth and gums no matter the time of year.

To make that crucial appointment, please call me at 603-546-7460, or you can request an appointment online through this website.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover the benefits of a full mouth restoration!

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