Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy During Halloween

Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy | Nashua Family Dentistry

How many cavities do you want your kids to have? Then how are you going to get through Halloween this year? Call us today at 603-546-7460. Our team can help your kids have healthy teeth and gums at any time of year.

The Lure (And Problems) Of Halloween Candy

Halloween is a uniquely American holiday. It’s also lots of fun for children. Not only do they get to play dress up with their friends, they get a ton of candy.

And that’s why Halloween can be bad for your kids’ dental health. You know how sugar is bad for your teeth. Yet you don’t want to take Halloween away. Isn’t there some way to compromise? Thankfully, the dentists at our Nashua, NH dental office are trained in protecting your whole family’s teeth. They know how you can help make Halloween fun but safe.

The Key To Dental Healthy At Halloween

If there is only one tip you take from this, let it be this one:

  • Limit how much sugar gets stuck to your teeth.

When sugary substances get stuck to your teeth, you are practically laying out a buffet for harmful bacteria. They can eat almost anything, but they love sugar and carbs. As they thrive, they secrete an acid that erodes your enamel and causes cavities.

Think about what your children will eat and drink on Halloween. If it’s something that can stick to or coat their teeth, either limit it or make sure your children drink plenty of water to wash it away.

Tips For Staying Healthy

Here are so more direct tips for helping your kids’ teeth during Halloween.

– Avoid sticky candies like caramels or gummies.

These candies are the worst for your dental health. They stick everyone in your mouth, Even if you rinse with water, bits of caramel and gummy candies can still be there. Avoid these candies whenever you can.

– Sugarless gum with xylitol can help fight tooth decay.

Sugarless gum can help in two ways. First, it can help get rid of tiny particles of candy that get stuck in your mouth. Between the chewing and the saliva production, you can get rid of food harmful bacteria need. Second, sweeteners like xylitol have been shown to fight bacteria, not just starve it.

– Don’t use teeth as tools or extra hands.

It can be tempting to hold that trick-or-treat bag with your mouth if your hands are full with swords or costume props. You might even need your teeth to open a tricky wrapper. Doing either puts your teeth at risk. Help avoid damaging your enamel by only using your teeth to chew food.

– Rinse teeth with water after eating candy or drinking juice.

Any candy can leave behind sugar on your teeth and gums. The same is true for fruit juices. They’re better than soda to be sure, but they’re also packed with sugars that coat your teeth as you drink them. Drinking and rinsing your mouth with water will help keep your teeth and gums clean.

– Avoid hard candies that keep sugar against your teeth the whole time.

As with sticky candies, hard candies are especially bad for your teeth. That’s because you’ll end up rubbing a big hunk of sugar against your teeth over and over again. This deposits sugars right where harmful bacteria should not be. If you must try these, be sure to rinse vigorously right afterward.

– Eat a good meal before heading out to trick-or-treat.

It’s hard to resist having some candy at Halloween, especially when you keep seeing that trick-or-treat bag get more full as you go house to house. To cut down on that temptation, make sure your kids have a good meal before going trick-or-treating. If they’re already full, they’ll be less likely to want more to eat.

– Let your kids have some candy tonight.

Yes, candy is bad for your teeth and gums. However, not letting your kids have any candy this Halloween can have the reverse effect. Banning candy can make kids want it even more. That’s especially true if they know there’s a giant bag of candy in the freezer.

Halloween can be great fun, but it can seriously hurt your family’s teeth. Call us TODAY to make an appointment for dental cleanings and dental exams: 603-546-7460. Our whole team at Nashua Family Dentistry has the training and experience needed to get your teeth professionally clean. Plus, a thorough dental exam can spot problems while they are small and manageable.

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