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You should love your dental work, and that includes your dentures. After all, your smile is important. It’s what you show people when you’re happy. It’s also what you use to eat and even talk normally. When you replace a single tooth with a dental implant, you need to make sure you like it. Then again, it’s just one tooth. You can get past that.

When it comes to full dentures, things are different. That’s a lot of problems to get past if you don’t like them.

As with most things in life, you probably start out loving your new dentures. What happens? They get old. Maybe you didn’t clean them like you should, or maybe you used them too much and made your gums sore. To help make sure you continue to love your dentures for years to come, here are a few tips.

Keeping Dentures Clean

Clean them every night: You may be tempted to just leave your dentures in overnight and clean them some other time. Maybe a quick brushing with just water. It’s tempting, but don’t. You need to keep your dentures clean. That means cleaning them every single night.

Skip the toothpaste: Brushing your dentures can be a good thing. Food can get stuck between the replacement teeth just like with natural teeth. You may not have to worry about cavities, but such food can decay and turn your breath horrible. However, regular toothpaste is designed for enamel, not dentures. It can actually hurt your dentures by being too abrasive. If you want to brush your dentures, just don’t use toothpaste.

Use a denture cleaner: Instead of toothpaste, use a special denture cleaner that you can buy in just about any drugstore. Make sure you take your dentures out! Denture cleaner is not like toothpaste. It can only be used outside of your mouth. Use a special toothbrush that you only use for this purpose. If you have full dentures and use an adhesive to help them stay in place, be sure to clean that out as well. This will help the adhesive do its job better in the future. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your dentures before putting them back in!

Use cold water only: Hot water is normally what you’d use to get something really clean. It helps lift stains and kill bacteria. Any water hot enough to do that is going to be hot enough to warp your dentures. Stick with cold water when cleaning or rinsing your dentures. This helps make sure the gum-colored base will fit snugly over your dentures.

Protecting Your Dentures

Handle them with care: Your dentures are tough. They’re made to help you chew through all kinds of foods. However, nothing is indestructible. There’s also a big difference between biting pressure and pressure from handling them roughly. Drop them on a hard floor and they might not fit right. Don’t try to bend them if they’re not feeling normal either. Any adjustments will have to be made by one of our dentists in Nashua, NH.

Keep them moist: When something is designed to stay wet, then it makes sense that drying out can be bad. Your mouth is full of saliva and humidity, and so your dentures are made for that in mind. They’re supposed to stay wet. When you take them out at night, make sure you keep them in a soaking solution or some cold water.

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

Take them out at night: Your gums need time to rest. Dentures stay there in part by suction. Add in pressure from chewing, and your gums can use a break by nighttime. Otherwise, you risk making your gums sore and blaming your dentures. That’s why you should always take out your full dentures before you go to sleep.

Visit our Nashua, NH dental office like normal: True, you might not have the same worries about your teeth when you have full dentures. That doesn’t mean you should stop seeing our dentists. We still need to make sure your gums are healthy and your dentures are staying put.

Lastly, consider implant-retained and implant-supported dentures. One of the problems with full dentures is keeping them in secure in your mouth. Over time, the shape of the gum-colored base can change slightly. It won’t hold as well on your gums. At some point, your dentures can just fall out.

How to stop this from happening? Combine dentures with dental implants. With implant-retained dentures, they snap onto implants. You can remove them, but they are held tightly. Implant-supported dentures are even more secure because they cannot come out without a dentist’s help.

By keeping your dentures clean, wet, and giving your gums a break each night, you can be sure to love your dentures for years to come. Call us today at 603-546-7460 for a new appointment to see how dentures can work for you.

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