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Whether you like it or not, Spring is finally here. Birds are chirping, temperatures are rising, and the road salt goes back in the basement for yet another year.

Getting your house ready to meet the Spring is right around the corner, and the sooner you can get a jump on it, the sooner you can relax and enjoy everything that the seasons has to offer, especially amid the beautiful blooms throughout New England.

But what about your smile? You’ve got a list of Spring cleaning chores as long as your arm, but I’ll bet you that getting a teeth cleaning from your Nashua dentist is nowhere to be found.

Am I right?

It’s okay: I understand. You feel like you’ve got more important things to do than subject yourself to the dentist’s chair.

But let me ask you a question: What would happen if you stopped cleaning your house? Take a moment to try and imagine what that would look like. As liberating as that might sound, we both know that it’s a recipe for disaster. Piles of clutter and trash as high as the ceiling. Fire hazards from leftover newspapers, maybe. A layer of grime that coats every available surface.

It’s disgusting, and if you ever want to see what that looks like, Google the term “hoarders” and prepare yourself.

You wouldn’t let your home ever get to such a lowly state as a result of chronic neglect, so why are you letting the very same thing happen to your smile? Unlike a house, you can’t just simply move out of your smile; it’s everywhere you go, warts and all. Isn’t that good enough of a reason to take better care of it?

Now is the perfect time to schedule a professional teeth cleaning in order to clear out all of the junk you’ve let accumulate in your mouth – junk that could, even as I’m writing this, threaten the health of your entire smile.


A Cornerstone of Preventative Dentistry


Just as a clean home is a happy home, a clean smile is a happy smile – and more.

Not only will a teeth cleaning remove any plague and other gunk that has been building up in your smile, it achieves another important goal that is absolutely necessary to the success of your smile: Seeing me.

In the process of cleaning your smile, my team and I can identify any problems that have been developing within your mouth and bring them into the light of day. Such an examination is crucial to maintaining proper oral health no matter your age, and can mean the difference between a smile that sings and a smile that gets booed off of the stage, so to speak.

There are many, many other benefits to a professional teeth cleaning, as well, such as:


  • Preventing gum disease – Gum disease, if unchecked, can burn your smile down to the ground… or gum, in this case. A teeth cleaning can not only identify the disease and allow for further treatment, but can help stop it in its tracks by removing “precursor” bacteria, including gingivitis.
  • Stopping cavity formation – A professionally cleaned smile is a smile that’s free from the types of bacteria and acids that can cause painful cavities. Some of the treatments I can use can even reverse the damage caused by cavities and tooth decay, but a cleaning is the first step in seriously addressing the problem.
  • Better breath – I’m not cleaning just your teeth when you come in for a cleaning: I’m cleaning your entire smile. And that includes the bacteria on the tongue which can contribute to a nasty case of halitosis, otherwise known as chronic bad breath.
  • Saving money – If this point seems odd, consider the fact that, by taking preventative action and stopping problems either before they start or while they are in their infancy, you are solving problems before they become problems. This can save you untold thousands of dollars in expensive “smile repair” that you can avoid with a procedure like a teeth cleaning.


Oh, and before I forget: You should be getting your professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year in order to maintain maximum smile safety, and all of these benefits and more will never leave your side.

So if you’ve been letting the clutter pile up in your smile, call me to add the most important Spring cleaning task to your To Do list. To schedule your appointment, I can be reached at 603-546-7460, or you can request an appointment online, here.


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