My Dentures Are Even Better Than The Real Thing

My Dentures Are Even Better Than The Real Thing | Nashua Family Dentistry

Biting off more than you can chew sounds like quite the luxury right about now.

Sure, it’s just a figure of speech, but you’d give anything to be able to sink your teeth into your favorite meal without you-know-what-happening: That first bite that suddenly becomes the last as your dentures fall out of place and onto your plate, or the floor, or anywhere else they’re not supposed to go.

It’s one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you, having your teeth flop out of place at the worst possible moment. The negative effect on your self-esteem isn’t something you can ignore, either, and it’s made you anxious whenever you go out with family or friends; there’s no telling when your smile is going to embarrass you yet again.

You have tried almost everything you can think of to keep that from happening, but nothing seems to work. You’ve tried those powdered adhesives and sticky gels, and those only work until they don’t – and besides, they’re a pain to manage and carry around with you.

What a hassle! Just to be able to smile with the confidence and security that most people take for granted requires you to keep a special stash of smelly glues with you at all times, plotting out where the nearest bathroom is in case you need to make any emergency touch-ups. It can be a demeaning, unsavory experience, but for you, it’s just part of maintaining your dentures.

Going the rest of your life dealing with the headaches and personal injustices of a slippery pair of dentures isn’t something you have to put up with if you don’t want to, however.

You have the power to choose a different way of smiling that will increase your appearance and your quality of life – and I can give it to you!


Smile Stability With Implant-Retained Dentures


Not all dentures are created equal, despite what you might think. I can offer you an alternative method of securing your dentures in place that will completely eliminate the possibility that your smile will slip out of place ever again!

I can secure your dentures on a bed of dental implants that will provide you with remarkable strength in your smile. The implants themselves are made from titanium, which is one of the strongest materials on the face of the earth, and provide you with resilience that will last your for years and years!

The installation procedure is a straightforward process. It begins with a consultation appointment in my Nashua, NH office, where I must be able to determine which type of implant is right for you.

For example, older patients of mine can sometimes lack the bone density required to install regular-sized implants, which can require painful bone grafts to fix. But I won’t have to put you through that ordeal, because I can install mini-dental implants that can achieve the same fantastic results!

Once I’ve cleared you for the procedure, then the process itself can begin. It involves installing  a series of implants into the gum line while you are under an anesthetic. This will make sure that you experience zero pain while you’re receiving this life-changing treatment.

I can customize your current dentures to fit onto your new implants, or I can completely design and create a brand-new set of state-of-the-art porcelain dentures that are stronger and more resilient to disease and decay than even natural teeth! Not only that, but implant-retained dentures are a breeze to clean; they simply snap in and out of place whenever you need to clean your smile!

Whether you’ve been dealing with partials or a complete set of dentures, I can provide you with the security that those solutions often seem to lack. You’ll be able to eat out with friends and family without having to worry about reapplying your adhesive powder every five minutes.


Receiving The Smile Of A Lifetime


With implant-retained dentures, you’ll be able to live your life without that nagging concern in the back of your head by removing the nagging concern in your mouth and replacing it with a reliable set of polished, glistening dentures.

The only thing that’s standing in your way (other than whatever bad excuses you can muster) is making an appointment. Accept your new smile by giving me a call at 603-546-7460 to schedule your appointment with me. Or you can also request an appointment with me online by filling out this simple form.

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