Sleep Apnea, Snoring, And Your Health | Nashua, NH

All you want is one night — just one night — where you get to sleep. Instead your sleep partner is snoring away. It's loud. It's annoying, and it's keeping you awake. That's when you notice something else. It sounds like your partner stopped breathing, at least until the loud snoring starts again. You've heard of sleep apnea, but you don't know if that's the problem. Whatever it is, you ...

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Dental Implants Can Keep Your Mouth Healthy | Nashua, NH

You've probably heard people say they didn't appreciate what they had until it was gone. That's especially true for our teeth. Without proper care and good oral hygiene, you could lose your teeth to decay. At other times, people lose teeth in an instant as a result of an accident or injury. We hope neither of these things happens to you or anyone you love, but if it does, you may want to ...

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Your Family Deserves A Dentist Who Cares | Nashua, NH

If you are a parent, you know life can be hectic. Between work and all your kids' activities, you can have trouble finding time for yourself much less going to the dentist. You know that going to the dentist is important. You want a caring family dentist who sees patients of all ages. If you live in Southern New Hampshire, you can find that at Nashua Family Dentistry. We provide a range of ...

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Stop Gum Disease Before It Starts | Nashua, NH

The best way to avoid periodontal disease is with active prevention efforts, and yet around 80 percent of Americans will have gum disease at some point in their lives, according to the American Dental Hygienists Association. In most cases, this is a mild condition that can be treated with no ill effects. But in the worst case scenario, gum disease can lead to damage to the bones in your mouth ...

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Close The Gap With Dental Crowns and Bridges | Nashua, NH

If you lose a tooth or teeth as an adult, then you know they aren't coming back. (And the Tooth Fairy probably won't leave you any money, either.) You can get the next best thing, however. Dental crowns and bridges are an excellent substitute for real teeth. They look and feel like the real thing. They complete your smile, and they allow you to keep eating all the foods that you love. Nashua ...

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Look And Feel Better With Whiter Teeth | Nashua, NH

Teeth are important. They affect what we can eat, and they affect how we feel about ourselves and others. If you have yellow or discolored teeth, you know this all too well. Many people want whiter teeth. All you have to do is walk down the toothpaste aisle to know that. Whiter teeth make us look more attractive to other, and they look healthier, too. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ...

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Coping With Dental Anxiety One Step At A Time | Nashua, NH

What makes you anxious? A first date? A job interview? Going to the dentist? If you answered yes to the first two, you probably still managed to go. If you answered yes to the third, your fear of the dentist could be keeping you from getting proper oral care. Across the United States, one-third of Americans have some kind of dental anxiety, according to Dr. Peter Milgrom of the Dental Fears ...

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Act Quickly In A Dental Emergency | Nashua, NH

If you are in the middle of a dental emergency, please call us right away. You can reach Nashua Family Dentistry at 603-546-7460. Don't delay. You can learn more about dental emergencies after you call. If you are calling before noon, we will get you in today. If you are calling after hours, our on-call doctor will advise you on what to do until we can meet in person. For those of you who ...

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Understanding And Treating TMJ Disorders | Nashua, NH

Your jaw hurts, and you are worried you might have a TMJ disorder. In some cases, you can take steps to relieve your symptoms. In other cases, the pain will continue. That's when you should call your dentist. If you live in Southern New Hampshire, call Nashua Family Dentistry. We are prepared to give you the next level of treatment and care to end your jaw pain. Know the signs of TMD TMD, ...

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TMJ Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain | Nashua, NH

You wake up, and your head is throbbing just like it has every morning for the last few weeks. You reach for the pain medicine ... At breakfast, you sit down to enjoy your meal before work. You take a bite and start to chew, and you know the jaw pain is coming soon ... At the office, your neck and shoulders feel sore. You assume it's just from sitting at a desk all day and just part of the ...

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Will You Need A Root Canal Treatment In Nashua, NH? [BLOG]

It may be common to feel some aches and pains when you get older, but not with your teeth. You should be able to chew or just live your life without any toothaches. So when you start to ...

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Preventive Dental Sealants Are Here [VIDEO]

Drs. Kiehl and Cohen are always interested in integrating modern technologies into the excellent patient care we are known for at our Nashua, NH office. But at Nashua Family Dentistry, we ...

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