Play Harder With Athletic Mouthguards

Play Harder With Athletic Mouthguards | Nashua Family Dentistry

It’s a mother’s instinct to want to protect her kids.

For all parents, that instinct is hardwired. There’s nothing in the whole, wide world we wouldn’t do to keep our children out of harm’s way.

But when you’re sitting in the stands watching your child learn the value of team sports, it can be hard to watch when they get checked on the ice, or when they get hit by a fly ball.

You feel like there’s nothing you can do but be just another spectator in the crowd – except maybe give the ref more than a piece of your mind.

I’ve got two children of my own. You can believe me when I say that I know that strange feeling: You want to your kids to grow into successful adults, yet you want to keep them close and safe. It can hard to strike a balance without leaning too far either way.

My practice, Nashua Area Family Dentistry, sponsors local youth baseball and hockey leagues because, as parents and as dentists, we know how to achieve that balance, especially when it comes to keeping a child’s smile intact both in and out of the game.

You don’t just have to sit on the sidelines anymore. If you do, all it takes is an accident that can cause serious damage to your child’s teeth and turn them away from the benefits of sports for a long time – potentially forever.

From one parent to another, you have more power than you might think.


Stronger Than An Ounce Of Prevention


An athletic mouthguard is the first and best line of defense against the kinds of dental emergencies that can arise from playing most competitive sports. Our mouthguards are built strong from a composite thermoplastic based on a mold taken of your child’s teeth. And they can take whatever the opposing team can throw at them, which will give your child that extra edge they need to excel.

When your child experiences the protection of a custom athletic mouthguard, you’re giving them the confidence to do their best. It’s a lesson that will apply not only to sports, but to every area of their life, as well.

What’s more, an athletic mouthguard can help change your child’s perception of going to the dentist. Because of the simplicity of the mold-making process, they’ll be in and out of our offices before they know what happened.

No needles. No drills. Just something that can make them tougher and protect their beautiful smile.

The effects of a mouthguard fitting can also teach them to be unafraid of maintaining their own oral health, which will save them – and your pocketbook – a lot of trouble down the road.

A lot of kids tend be afraid of the dentist, and we understand that; we were kids once, too. But when they see how painless and effective an athletic mouthguard can be, and how relaxed our offices are, they’ll add 2 and 2 together, easing their anxieties about seeking dental work on their own once they’re all grown up.

So it’s not just protection in the heated moments that come from high-impact sports. It’s protection for their future.

And isn’t that what we as parents want more than anything for our kids?


Not Just For Kids


Unlike Trix cereal (which we don’t recommend you or your children eat, for obvious, sugar-related reasons), athletic mouthguards aren’t just for kids.

If you’ve wanted to get back in shape, and take up a kickboxing class or even honor your dusty gym membership, an athletic mouthguard can give you the same protection, too.

Used by professional athletes the world over, high-quality, durable athletic mouthguards will protect your teeth or your child’s teeth more than any over-the-counter solution could.

You know that “one-size-fits all” isn’t always the case, and mass-produced mouthguards simply cannot compete with the comfort and protection afforded by our durable, customized mouthguards.

Getting a pair for yourself can help ease any anxieties your children might have about coming to the dentist, allowing you to teach by example.

Nashua Area Family Dentistry can help you and your family get the security they deserve.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 603-546-7460 to schedule an appointment. While you’re here on our website, you can also request an appointment online in just a few, quick minutes.

With a custom athletic mouthguard, you can give your child protection for years to come.

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