Preventive Dentistry Allows For Spring Cleanings [BLOG]

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If you have been waiting for winter to break before you schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment, March is the perfect time to call us at 603-546-7460 and make that happen for you. Consider it a “spring cleaning” for your smile. After all, you owe it to yourself to come out of hiding in a big way. Going through the process of getting a professional teeth cleaning will boost your appearance, along with your confidence, heading into this great season of renewal. Besides making your smile look better, there are some other tangible benefits to visiting the dentist for such services. These include the following:


  • Keeping gum disease at bay. Gum disease, if not detected early on, can wreak havoc on your smile. It is actually the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. But, take heart, having a professional teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months can allow our professionally-trained eyes to spot the infection and suggest further treatment. What’s more, the cleaning itself can help arrest its development by removing all the dangerous bacteria, that allows it to thrive. This is not something to take lightly, we can assure you.


  • Stopping the spread of decay. After a professional cleaning, your smile will be free of the bacteria and acids that can cause cavities. If you already have a problem in that regard, we have treatments that can reverse the damage caused by cavities. But a thorough cleaning is always the first step in addressing the issue of decay. It will build nicely on the hard work you do at home every day in front of the bathroom mirror. Maintaining excellent oral health always requires a partnership with a dentist you can trust.


  • Freshening up your breath. We aren’t cleaning just your teeth when you come in for an appointment. We are actually cleaning your entire mouth, which includes the bacteria on the tongue which can contribute to chronic bad breath. Bad breath can also be a warning sign for a bigger problem like gum disease, so be sure to let us know if this is something you struggle with. And in the meantime, stay away from the mints! That sugar only fuels the bacteria causing the foul odor.


  • Reducing the cost of dental care. This may be a strange benefit to list, but considering the fact that restorative dentistry can be expensive, and invasive, it is always better to bank on preventive dentistry services like teeth cleaning, oral exams, and even minor add-ons like fluoride treatments or dental sealants. We’ll help you stay on track through every stage of life by keeping a close eye on things, and making sure you have access to the high-quality care you deserve.

It’s Your Call!

If you have been inspired to do some spring cleaning for your smile, call Nashua Family Dentistry today at 603-546-7460 or fill out our online form to request a preventive dentistry appointment in Nashua, NH.

During your appointment, we’ll have an opportunity to take a series of X-rays and plenty of intraoral photos. This will help provide a better understanding of the current state of affairs in your mouth and let us know what steps we can take to improve your oral health and your overall wellness.


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Preventive Dentistry Allows For Spring Cleanings [BLOG]

If you have been waiting for winter to break before you schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment, March is the perfect time to call us at 603-546-7460 and make that happen for you. ...

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