Rebuilding Your Smile From the Ground Up

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Do you have a “fixer-upper” smile?

You know, the kind of smile that’s more than a little rough around the edges? Or is the sorry state of your smile interfering with the quality of your life, making simple actions like eating, drinking, and talking a painful chore?

The truth is that your smile has seen better days, and it’s falling apart.

After years of neglecting to give it the treatment it requires, it has become a dilapidated mess, and you’re just not sure what can be done about it.

If this sounds like you, then it pains me to say that your problems likely aren’t just cosmetic: By having a mouth that’s in need of some serious rebuilding, you’re running a significant risk of developing a number of otherwise preventable mouth diseases.

And if you do nothing to fix these problems, then they will only grow worse. Eventually, your dental complications can spiral out of control until you lose your teeth or develop other severe health problems.

At Nashua Area Family Dentistry, we can repair your smile even if it is on the verge of collapsing. By using advanced techniques and focusing on the overall health and appearance of your smile, we can deliver a personalized, full mouth restoration that will lay a foundation to last you years.

Whether you’re missing teeth, or the teeth you have are crooked, misaligned, or worn down, I can restore glory and vitality to your smile.


The Rebuilding Process


First thing’s first: In order to get you treatment, I need to understand what’s going on in your mouth. By understanding the nature of your dental problems, I can begin to plan an effective series of treatments.

You’ll schedule your first consultation by calling the number below, and afterward we can work together to identify the specific problems plaguing your smile.

I’ll use a variety of technologies to get a total picture of you oral health – including X-rays, intra-oral cameras, and good, old-fashioned conversation with you, my patient.

Once we’ve identified the problems, and after I’ve determined the causes of the symptoms you’re experiencing, then we will discuss the solutions that will repair the damage.

A full mouth reconstruction can combine a number of restorative procedures that depend on your individual needs, including:


  • Crowns and bridges – Sturdy and attractive “caps” that cover problem teeth or fill in gaps made by multiple missing teeth.
  • Dental implants – Secure replacement teeth personalized to your smile’s color and shape that are installed directly into the gum line.
  • Dentures, full or partial – A replica of your ideal smile that is necessary when you have lost or are at risk of losing a large number of your natural teeth.
  • Implant-retained dentures – A sturdier version of dentures that are anchored in place with a series of resilient jaw implants.


Any one of those methods will improve the quality of your smile, and will boost your total oral health. This comprehensive approach enables me to give you complete treatment that will leave no stone unturned, which will give you the results you deserve.


Your Patience Will Pay Off


Treatment will depend upon your needs. The more needs that your smile has, the more treatment it will require in order to fix it.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, undergoing a full-mouth restoration and attaining all of the confidence and health it will give you can take time. If you need a number of procedures to reconstruct your smile with glory, that means more appointments and more recovery time.

While we excel at offering same-day treatment for a variety of our services, the number of procedures that could be necessary to restore your smile could be a lesson in patience for you.

However, we know that the end result – a perfect, luminous smile – is more than worth the time it can take to get there.

We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your maximum comfort with the process.


Make The Commitment To Change


No matter how deteriorated your smile may be, there is always the promise of rejuvenation. Nashua Area Family Dentistry can help fulfill that promise by giving you the smile you’ve wanted.

But I need you to make that critical first step and make an appointment, otherwise your dental health will continue to slide.

You can reach my friendly staff at 603-546-7460 to schedule your initial consultation, or you can request one online by filling out a simple form.

We can rebuild your smile into a palace, but only if you pick up the first brick.

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