Saving Smiles This Spring Sporting Season

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It’s the end of March, and for your family, that means school athletics are in full swing.

With it comes all of the planning, practices, and car-pooling you’ve come to expect. Raising a child to appreciate the benefits of athletic competition is in many ways it’s own reward – even if it comes at a price.

Sporting-related injuries are a risky part of athletics no matter the age of the players on the field, the court, or in the rink. Unfortunately, the injuries that can befall younger players can have more disastrous consequences on their still-developing bodies.

One of the most vulnerable areas on any player’s body is the mouth. As resilient as teeth might seem, they are actually quite delicate and fragile things. Playing any sport, much less a high-contact one, without an athletic mouthguard is practically inviting a devastating oral injury.

If that should happen, the costs will be enormous – and not just financially. Make no mistake, an oral injury at any age can cost thousands of dollars in restorative dentistry costs to repair the damage to a smile. But there are hidden costs, as well, in the form of your child’s confidence in and out of the game.

Recovering psychologically from such a terrible event is no easy task, and many players can find it extremely difficult if not impossible to play to the best of their abilities again if their confidence has been shattered along with their teeth.

And don’t think that you’ve somehow solved that problem by making sure your little leaguer has one of those over-the-counter athletic mouthguards, because when you buy those, the only thing you’re purchasing is the illusion of security; they’re not as strong as the kind of professional mouthguards that I can custom create right in my Nashua, NH office!


Professional-Strength Mouthguards vs. Everything Else


There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re secure when you’re actually vulnerable, and that’s exactly what happens if you’re putting your faith and your money into over-the-counter athletic mouthguards. The quality of their plastic is far less-durable than the professional-grade thermoplastics that I use to make custom mouthguards.

Because they are heat-treated, they can withstand much greater forces without breaking than anything you could buy at your local sporting goods store.

This added protection is also made possible because my custom-fitted mouthguards are designed with the particular contours of your child’s smile in mind. Not only will that increased comfort be easier on their gums, but it could prevent them from suffering a concussion.

How is that possible? It has to do with physics, but I’ll keep it simple and to the point. A custom-fitted mouthguard that is specifically tailored to a smile means that there is little wiggle room for the jaw or the teeth in the event of a contact injury on the chin or the jaw. As a result, that customized mouthguard can act as a durable shock absorber, lessening the impact of any blow upon the brain and drastically reducing the chances of a concussion.

So not only will you be protecting the oral health of your child or your adolescent, but you could be preventing a serious brain injury, as well.

There’s no price tag you can place on the safety of your family’s health, but a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard can save you costly and easily avoidable reconstructive surgeries.

Studies have also shown that athletes who wear custom-fitted athletic mouthguards like the kind I offer are more confident when they are playing. By giving them a suit of armor for their smiles, the mouthguard can provide them with a mental suit of armor, as well, that can make them perform better and without fear of injury.


Getting the Security Your Family Deserves


I could spend all day telling you about the many, many benefits of customized mouthguards, but it won’t do you or your family any good if you fail to schedule an appointment for a mouthguard fitting session.

The longer you wait to do so, the more likely it is that your young one experiences a shocking oral health injury that destroys their ability to play as well as their ability to eat and speak properly.

It doesn’t ever have to come to that, so what are you waiting for?

To schedule your appointment with me, please call me at 603-546-7460. You can also request an appointment online by clicking here.

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