The Top Root Canal Myths You Should Ignore

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Do you have a chronic toothache? Do you have tender or swollen gums around one tooth? Call us today at 603-546-7460 to set up an appointment. Your tooth is likely infected, and the only way to save the tooth is with a root canal.

Why Root Canals Are Needed

Your mouth is home to harmful bacteria. They’re what cause cavities and gum disease. However, they can get inside a tooth and infect the dental pulp there. (This often happens when a cavity grows too deep. That’s why regular dental exams and dental cleanings are so important.)

Dental pulp is home to all the blood vessels for your tooth. It’s also home to the nerve endings. That means two things:

  • These infections can be very painful
  • They can also destroy your tooth and make it very fragile

That’s why you need to call us today at 603-546-7460 if you have a toothache, even one that comes and goes. Your chances of saving the tooth (and saving time and money) go up the sooner you call our Nashua, NH dental office.

What Is A Root Canal

When you come in for a root canal, here’s what the experience is normally like:

  • You get digital X-rays to determine where the infection is exactly.
  • Our dentist makes a small opening in your enamel.
  • With his advanced training, the dentist is able to remove the infected pulp.
  • Finally, your tooth is sealed with a dental crown.

A dental crown is needed to make sure the tooth is strong even though some of the dental pulp was removed.

The Root Canal Myths To Ignore

It’s always better to extract the tooth – MYTH!

A long time ago, one dentist published a flawed study saying root canals were dangerous. He suggested dental extractions every time a tooth was infected. That wasn’t true then, and it’s still not true today. If you can remove the infection, why not do that and save your natural tooth?

Call our Nashua, NH dental office today to schedule a dental exam. Our dentists are local experts in restorative dentistry. They can see if a root canal is needed. If so, they can also remove the infection so you can keep your tooth.

Root canals leave a tooth weak – MYTH!

It’s true that you should get a dental crown after the root canal is complete. That’s mostly because our dentists need to make an opening to reach the infected pulp. However, the enamel can become more brittle because the infection destroyed some of the blood vessels feeding the tooth. After a root canal and dental crown, your tooth will be strong.

That’s why you need to call us today. Our dentists have the training necessary to remove the infected pulp and relieve the toothache, but not until you call to make that appointment. This will just make your tooth stronger in the end.

Root canals can spread disease like arthritis or cancer – MYTH!

A while back, some dentists believed removing the infected pulp was a bad idea. They thought the infection would somehow spread to your body, creating problems like arthritis. There are even a few websites out there claiming root canals can lead to cancer. However, there is zero evidence that root canals lead to any problems. Instead, they fix problems.

By calling our Nashua, NH dental office today, you can make an appointment to relive that toothache with a root canal. You’ll work with dentists who are both trained and experienced at saving teeth with root canals.

Root canals are painful – MYTH!

Simply put, no they are not. A long time ago, that might have been the case. Restorative dentistry and root canals have changed a lot since then. Between the local anesthetic and the delicate skill of our dentists, most patients experience little or no discomfort throughout the root canal treatment.

When you call Nashua Family Dentistry today and make an appointment, you are going to get something that relieves pain, not causes it. Even better, the root canal will save your tooth.

Call us TODAY at 603-546-7460 to schedule your next appointment. Our dentists have studied and practiced root canals successfully for many years. They know how to do root canals correctly. With our help, you can get rid of that toothache and keep your tooth.

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