Think Cosmetic Dentistry Is About Vanity? Think Again

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, some people think it’s all about vanity. Why worry about how your teeth look? Isn’t that just a way to make yourself look better? That’s only partially true. Sure, cosmetic dental procedures will make your smile look fantastic. They can also help your confidence, protect your teeth, and even repair damage. Here are the reasons why cosmetic dentistry treatments are much more than just a vain thing to do:

  • It builds your self confidence: Imagine if you show up to a parent-teacher conferences wearing a shirt with a gigantic stain on it. You can’t see it (unless you spend your whole time looking down at your chest), but you know it’s there. As the meeting goes on, you’ll be watching for the teacher’s eyes. Will she notice the stain too? Of course she will. How could you not? Just knowing there’s something unusual and unsightly in your appearance can sap your confidence and make you feel foolish.

In that scenario, you can always change shirts. Problem solved. What if the problem is with your teeth? If your smile is stained and unsightly, you can’t simply hide it by not smiling or talking. Getting teeth whitening or veneers in this situation is not vain. It’s a smart way to make sure your confidence and self-esteem remain where they should be. This isn’t about looking great; it’s about not looking bad anymore.

  • People at work will listen to you more: You know how people are. If you give a presentation wearing a t-shirt and jeans, people aren’t going to pay as much attention to you. If you’re wearing something more upscale and business appropriate, people will take you more seriously. Maybe that shouldn’t be the case, but it is. When you have a smile full of discolored and crooked teeth, people at work will be less likely to pay attention to you. It’s not some dramatic thing. You don’t get shunned. But the better you look, the more people want to pay attention. Getting cosmetic treatments to help your career isn’t vain; it’s smart.
  • Veneers can protect teeth: When your teeth have stains, chips, and the like, you can get dental veneers to hide them. These ultra-thin shells are made to look like white, healthy versions of the teeth they cover. They can even cover over small gaps between teeth and rough edges. However, they do more than just make your smile look great again. Any damage to the front of your teeth is sealed up. For example, a crack on a tooth is covered by the veneer and should not get any worse. Veneers are made from a tough material, so they also add a protective layer to the front of your teeth.  Improving your smile with dental veneers isn’t vain; it’s helping to protect your teeth.
  • Tooth bonding can strengthen teeth: A more-affordable alternative to dental veneers is tooth bonding. The dentists at our Nashua, NH dental office will take a composite resin material and carefully apply it to the front of your teeth. Any cracks, dents, or chips are filled in. Once we smooth out the resin, your teeth suddenly look healthy again. This resin is colored to match your natural teeth, so you get a teeth whitening effect as well. That’s not the only side benefit. The resin makes your teeth stronger. Any small cracks are filled in, helping to prevent them from getting worse. The extra layer of protection is good, too. Using tooth bonding to improve your smile isn’t vain; it makes your teeth stronger.
  • Gum recession can protect teeth: A lesser-known cosmetic treatment is gum recession therapy. Some people have great teeth. It’s the gums. If you suffer from gum disease, your gumline might recede from your teeth. This makes your gums look tiny and your teeth look strangely large. Gum grafts and laser therapy can help move your gums back over your teeth without periodontal surgery. Yes, this makes your smile look normal again. But your teeth are supposed to be partially covered by gums. When exposed by a receding gumline, you could have sensitivity to temperature. The exposed part can also be more susceptible to tooth decay because it’s not supposed to be coming in contact with food or drink. Gum recession treatment isn’t vain; it help keep your teeth healthy.

All in all, think of cosmetic dentistry like going to the gym. You can get exercise to look better, and there’s nothing wrong with that goal. But you’re also hitting the gym to get healthy. With cosmetic dental treatments at our Nashua, NH dental office, you will get a smile sure to amaze. But you can also help keep your teeth healthy, protected, and safe. To make an appointment with one of our cosmetic dentists in Nashua, NH, call us today at 603-546-7460.

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