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As we get older, with each passing year, our teeth drift further away from their pristine state. This should not be surprising. After all, this is what inevitably happens when you enjoy thousands of cups of coffee or regularly consume other food and drink that has a high propensity for staining. Even if you didn’t have any such daily pleasures, your teeth would still darken to a certain degree due to age. That said, if you are craving renewal at the start of this new year, and you want your white smile back, then Nashua Family Dentistry is here for you. We offer cosmetic dentistry treatments, including teeth whitening, at our office. And we use very effective professional-grade products to get the job done. Keep reading to hear more about what Drs. Kiehl and Cohen can do for you and your family, then pick up the phone and call us at 603-546-7460 to request your next dental appointment in Nashua, NH.

A Pervasive Problem

If you have begun to notice the discoloration of your smile, you are not alone in your surprise and embarrassment. Have you ever wandered down the toothpaste aisles at Target or Hannaford Supermarket? If so, you will see all the proof you need to grasp that people everywhere want brighter, whiter smiles. But beware: these “whitening” products seldom live up to the promises on their packaging.

We aren’t going to tell you not to buy OTC solutions that your favorite stores carry, but we don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations either or to get yourself into a situation where you actually damage your gums and soft tissues while trying to do something about your smile.

Let us explain. Those easy to get pastes, gels and strips do contain bleaching agents, mostly hydrogen peroxide. However, to qualify for ADA approval, these commercial whitening products can only contain a small amount of bleaching power. This may allow the OTC products to remove some of the stains on your teeth, but most of the time you won’t even notice any difference at all. Plus you’ll have to be careful because overuse of whitening products can do some damage to your teeth (which defeats the purpose of refreshing your smile). Many so-called solutions contain materials that won’t be custom-designed for your mouth, so the bleaching agents end up in places other than on your teeth, which is how your gums become vulnerable.

A Professional Plan

You may be feeling a bit discouraged after reading the above section. But there’s no need for that because there is another, far more viable path: using a professional whitening product under the direction of our knowledgeable team.

The good news for you is that, even if your teeth are badly stained, we have the sort of professional whitening products on-hand that will do a whole lot more for you than the so-called solutions you can buy at the grocery store.

Professional whitening products can have more than 10 times the bleaching agent as commercial products, which is why you need to get them from a dentist you trust. But the other piece of it is that by having an oral health professional involved in the process, you’ll be guaranteeing that the whitening treatment will be administered in a safe and effective manner. There will also be a certain amount of accountability with us in the picture. Remember, with store-bought items, you’d only have yourself to blame when they inevitably let you down.

If you have been thinking about whitening your teeth anyway, then we have a promising opportunity for you. We can use a one-hour professional teeth whitening treatment from Zoom! to help you get the bright white smile you desire for yourself. We’ll apply the Zoom! whitening gel right here in our Nashua, NH dentist’s office and allow it to penetrate your teeth over the course of three 15-minute sessions, utilizing a specialized light to accelerate the process. Just so you have some options, we also offer customized whitening trays and gel that you can apply in your own home around your busy schedule. Either way, you’ll be smiling big before too long.

Learn More, Get Started Now!

You can learn more and get started now by requesting your professional teeth whitening consultation with the Nashua Family Dentistry team at 603-546-7460. Let’s make 2019 the best year yet for your smile!

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