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V-Day doesn’t just stand for Valentine’s Day, you know.

In World Wars I & II, V-Day is generally a term that was used by America and her allies to mean “Victory Day.” It was a cause for celebration, to say the very least, the world over.

But I don’t see why, when it comes to fixing the problems with your embarrassing smile, that the two different meanings can’t work together.

It can be quite a battle to deal with the shame caused by crooked, chipped, or cracked teeth. The simple act of smiling is a fight in itself, isn’t it? Because whenever you smile, you know that you’re exposing all of your imperfections for everyone to see.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, and fast, your fears are greater than ever before. If you’ve got a big date planned, you’re nervous about not being able to look your best no matter what you wear or how amazing your salon-job looks.

If you don’t have a date, however, then you’re probably blaming yourself – and your unsightly smile – for that defeat.

You could spend the days leading up to Valentine’s Day wringing your hands over what went wrong, and what you should’ve done, although I wouldn’t recommend it. You can still seize the opportunity to turn Valentine’s Day into a personal Victory Day by accepting timely, efficient cosmetic dental treatment at Nashua Area Family Dentistry.

I sincerely hope your choice is the latter one, because I can transform your rugged, oddly spaced teeth in just one afternoon appointment! It’s possible thanks to a process known as chemical tooth bonding, and I’d like to let you know how it can help you achieve your own personal smile victory that your Valentine will simply not believe!


Filling in the Gaps


The tooth bonding process is one of the easiest ways to enhance a smile that’s suffering from any of the following issues:


  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Minor gaps between teeth
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Other minor cosmetic imperfections


If any of those describe your smile, then you are most likely an ideal candidate for the benefits of a tooth bonding procedure. It will literally fill any gaps in your smile!

The process gets its name due to the fact that it involves bonding an artificial covering to natural teeth, covering up their imperfections and sealing them against infection.

The process is so straightforward, it can be accomplished in one sitting! This will save you time and money in the long run, and in the short term it allow you to focus on those last-minute preparations before date night.

I’ll begin by examining the problem areas that need treatment. Then I’ll clean them up and roughen the area, which will allow the bonding chemical itself adhere more successfully to the underlying tooth.

Then I will use a composite resin, which is a kind of special plastic material, that will form the basis of the artificial tooth covering.

Based on your input and my artistic skill, I will then sculpt the resin into the shape of an ideal tooth that will match the color and the shape of your natural teeth, allowing the new covering to blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

The last step involves treating the resin covering with a special light. This will cause the resin to harden and take its final form as the latest member of your family of teeth. One simple cleaning later, and your new smile is ready for victory on V-Day!

A chemically bonded tooth that previously suffered from cracking or chipping not only looks more attractive, but it can help block harmful, tooth-destroying bacteria from getting inside your tooth and wreaking havoc from the inside.

All that’s left to do is making the appointment to get this treatment in time. Otherwise, you’ll just find yourself in the same defeated position as always, where nothing changes except your dwindling self-esteem.

Make the right choice for victory this V-Day, and schedule a tooth bonding procedure by calling 603-546-7460 before time runs out. For your convenience, you can also request an appointment with me online.

With your new smile, you’ll finally have the confidence to meet Valentine’s Day with courage and fortitude for a change. Let me help you make it happen, and give me a call today!

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