Tooth Extractions: Dealing With The Inevitable

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It’s been said that, in our modern life, there are only two certainties: Death and taxes.

Although it’s probably the case that the coiner of that phrase, none other than Benjamin Franklin himself, didn’t have to put up with wooden, ivory dentures like some of his friends of the era. If he had, he might’ve added a third item to that list.

Indeed, the need for quality dental care is something that has existed throughout the earliest days of human civilization, much less the American Revolution. Dentures as an invention date back thousands of years, and have been discovered in ancient ruins across the world.

As you might be able to logically deduce, where there are dentures, there are missing teeth. It might be more accurate to say where there are people, there are missing teeth.

Each year, millions of teeth are lost due to injury or disease in the United States alone. And there are even more teeth that are extracted by dentists the world over on an annual basis.

Just like death and taxes, teeth extraction isn’t exactly held in the highest regard by the vast majority of people on the planet. And it’s not hard to understand why: In our culture, it has been associated with extreme pain (and, to an extent, the idea of dentist as sadist, or someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others), which can actually make people afraid of seeking and obtaining crucial dental care.

These days, those stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. As your new Nashua dentist, I pride myself on being able to provide the best pain-free dentistry solutions on the market. It enables me to ease my patients’ anxiety, as well as to provide them with the most comfortable experience at their Nashua dentist’s office.

But before we get into those solutions, let’s briefly discuss why tooth extractions can be necessary, as well as how to deal with them on a psychological level. It could just help you deal with a current problem or one that you may encounter in the future.

It’s Okay: Tooth Extractions Happen

For the vast majority of the time, a tooth extraction is necessary to help reduce a patient’s pain and discomfort, not to cause it. In extreme cases, it can be necessary to prevent further, potentially life-threatening ailments from developing inside your smile.

Teeth, like other parts of your body, can become infected. For example, in the case of appendicitis, a doctor will remove the infected, dangerous organ so that you can live. Infected teeth can lead to equally lethal complication, especially in conjunction with gum disease, and like it or not, the best course of action is to let your Nashua dentist go ahead and remove the offending tooth before bigger, more dangerous problems arise.

Other times, it could be a tooth that’s broken beyond repair, or is growing so awkwardly that not even orthodontic treatment would be of any practical service to you.

As you can probably tell, there are a variety of factors which can contribute to the necessity of a tooth extraction, but there is one thing they all have in common: They won’t hurt you in the slightest.

No More Painful Extractions

In addition to a variety of sedation dentistry methods which can help reduce or eliminate any anxiety which you may have regarding the seemingly scary prospect of the extraction itself, my practice will use an anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any pain whatsoever during the procedure itself.

I always take extra care for those patients who experience a bad case of nerves over a stereotypically “painful” procedure such as this, but by the time it’s over, they often tell me they’re embarrassed that they made such a mountain out of a molehill.

But now that we’ve covered the reason why an extraction might be necessary, and how extractions themselves aren’t anything to worry about at all, it’s time to reach the final point: How can you prepare yourself for such a procedure?

All You Have To Do Is Call Me

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My point is, the only thing you need to do to prepare yourself is to come and see me and my dedicated staff, and we will handle all of the heavy lifting for you. And brushing and flossing beforehand couldn’t hurt, either.

So please, don’t wait until that bad tooth gets any worse, and give me a call at (603) 546-7460.

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