Top 5 Dangers To Teeth (And How To Help)

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When you’re a parent, you’re responsible for the well-being of your whole family. Your kids depend on you because they don’t know much about how to stay healthy. That puts pressure on you to know more, including how people can hurt their teeth. To give you some help with that, here are the top five dangers your family’s teeth and gums face — and what you can do to help.

1. Bacteria: Everyone has harmful bacteria that live in their mouth. They live off the tiny particles of food and drink that get stuck in your mouth. What makes them harmful is how they secrete acid. When these bacteria are on your teeth, this leads to cavities. When they’re on your gums, this leads to gum disease which can make your teeth fall out. They can even get inside your teeth, requiring root canals. All in all, these bacteria are behind some of the most common dental problems you can face.

How to decrease your risk: Brush, floss, and visit our Nashua, NH dental office for dental cleanings. You can’t get rid of the bacteria permanently. You can help make sure they don’t get out of control. Since they feed off food particles, cleaning your mouth helps starve them. Brush and floss regularly. You should also visit with our dental team every six months so we can give your teeth a professional dental cleaning.

2. Soda (Regular and Diet): The food those bacteria love the most is sugar. They can survive on anything you eat, but sugar is packed with energy. At a lot of sugar, and you’ll probably have more harmful bacteria very soon. That’s why regular soda needs to be avoided for the most part. Sure, the occasional can of soda pop is fine. Drinking sugary soda regularly can have a really negative impact on your teeth. However, diet soda isn’t any better. It might not have sugar, but it certainly has acid. This gives soda a tart taste to balance out the sweetness. Studies have shown that, if you submerge a tooth in diet soda, the acid will corrode the enamel. You’ll still have problems with your teeth with diet soda.

How to decrease your risk: Focus on water. Many drinks on the market still have sugar in them. These include fruit juices, energy drinks, and sports drinks. Water is what your body needs. It can also rinse acid and sugar off of your teeth. Stick with drinking water as much as you can.

3. Sports and biking accidents: Not every dental problem is related to bacteria. Your teeth are strong and durable — but they can be damaged. It’s unusual to hurt your teeth doing regular things like eating. It’s when you’re being active that the injury risk gets important. Taking a puck to the face or falling off a bike can chip, crack, or even knock out a tooth.

How to decrease your risk: Wear a custom athletic mouthguard from our Nashua, NH dental office. Helmets are either required or recommended for many sports. That’s because it cushions any blow to the head, protecting the skull and brain underneath. Athletic mouthguards do the same. They protect your teeth from injury. At our Nashua, NH dental office, you can get athletic mouthguards customized to fit comfortably.

4. Neglect and procrastination: Let’s face it. Sometimes, we don’t have time to get everything done that we need to. However, other times we’re just tired or have other things we’d prefer doing. Neglecting your teeth will only create problems like cavities and gum disease. Procrastinating when you know you have a dental problem makes those problems worse. Yet it’s something we keep doing.

How to decrease your risk: Visit our Nashua, NH dental office every six months for cleanings and checkups. Coming to the dentist’s office twice a year isn’t that tough. The cleanings you get here can help prevent problems. Plus, our dentists will give you a thorough exam. This can catch problems before they get out of hand.

5. Tobacco: You’ve are perfectly aware that smoking is bad for you. However, you’d be surprised how many people do not realize how tobacco use hurts your teeth and gums. Every time you smoke, vape, or chew, tiny particles are left on your enamel. This turns your teeth dull or even yellow over time. Smoke and chew also irritate your gums. Add in how tobacco makes your immune system weaker, you’re at a higher risk for gum disease.

How to decrease your risk: Do your best to quit or at least not use it so much. Obviously, quitting tobacco use altogether is the best thing you can do. However, even just cutting back some can have a positive effect on your body, including your teeth and gums.

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