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Don’t let TV and movies fool you – contrary to urban myths, root canals are no more uncomfortable than a simple tooth filling. If you have a tooth that is causing you pain, call Nashua Family Dentistry at 603-546-7460 to find out if it is infected and a gentle root canal could repair the damage and save your tooth from needing to be extracted.

Dr. James E. Kiehl, Dr. Stephen A. Cohen, and the rest of our highly-trained team provide a wide variety of restorative dentistry treatments all under one roof at our Nashua, NH dentist office. You won’t have to waste time driving from one specialist to the next to get the care you need when you visit us.

We do everything we can to provide patient-centered dental care. In the course of acquiring our extensive experience, we have learned what works best in our treatments and in our approach to patient concerns. We will go above and beyond to put your concerns at ease and help you relax while we fix your smile.

One thing we’ve found helpful is explaining often misunderstood treatments to our patients. To learn a little more about root canals and why they’re nothing to fear, read on below. Unlike you may have heard, root canals are actually intended to relieve dental pain instead of causing it.

Learn The Root Canal Basics To Alleviate Concerns

Remember how scary something as simple as getting a haircut could be when you were little? But as soon as you could understand what was going on, the whole process became much less intimidating. That’s one way we can help you get over a fear of root canals, by explaining the process in simple, easily understandable terms.

Will review the steps of the root canal process with you in as much or as little detail as you like. We’ll also answer any questions you have as we go, so feel free to ask us anything about the procedure.

The first step of performing a root canal is carefully planning the treatment. Along with a careful visual examination by one of our dentists, we will also take a close look at your mouth with advanced dental technology, including:

  • Digital X-ray machines that produce sharp, clear images in seconds
  • An intraoral camera that creates a live feed as we look at your teeth and gums so we can show patients what we’re talking about
  • A cone beam CT scanner that helps us see your tooth roots, which is obviously very important during a root canal

Once we have thoroughly planned your root canal, we will then:

  • Numb the area with an anesthetic so you won’t feel a thing
  • Make a small hole in the top of your tooth
  • Use special techniques and instruments to remove the infected nerves and soft tissue (pulp) from inside the tooth
  • Fill the tooth with an inert material
  • Seal up your tooth

Depending on how strong your tooth is following this process, we may recommend placing a dental crown as well. This will add strength and a strong layer of protection to the tooth.

Of course, we understand that part of why you need a root canal now may be connected to a level of discomfort with the dentist. So you can relax while we work and get relief from dental anxiety, we’ll provide oral conscious dental sedation in pill form.

If your tooth is infected, it is very important that you get a root canal as soon as you can. Once a tooth is infected, the problem will continue to spread, further weakening the tooth and increasing the likelihood that an extraction will be necessary. Left unchecked, the infection could even spread to your jaw and surrounding teeth.

In order to make your procedure as pleasant as possible, our friendly team will provide a variety of comfort options, including:

  • Warm blankets
  • Soft pillows
  • Headphones so you can listen to your favorite relaxing music while we work

We can also provide longer appointments by request. We will work at your pace so you won’t feel rushed and even give you a break if you would like one.

Stop putting off your dental visit and dealing with that major toothache. If you’d like to save your natural tooth from infection and relieve your discomfort, call Nashua Family Dentistry at 603-546-7460 to book a root canal treatment. You can also visit us in person at our Nashua, NH dentist office or use our convenient online form to schedule or ask questions.

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