What Is TMJ And How Can You Treat It?

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Is your jaw stiff, sore, or causing you some discomfort? Call us today at 603-546-7460 and schedule an appointment to be evaluated for TMJ problems. If not treated, this disorder can cause pain in your neck, head, shoulders, and back. Thankfully, our dentists have the training and experience you need for proper TMJ treatment.

Do You Have TMJ Symptoms?

TMJ disorders can have many symptoms. That’s because it affects so much in your body. If you have TMJ problems, you can experience:

  • Pain when you open or close your mouth
  • Difficulty moving your jaw
  • Muscle pain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back
  • Tinnitus and earaches
  • Headaches and migraines

If your TMJ problems go untreated, you can even have lockjaw: when your jaw cannot move.

That’s why it’s so important to call us today and make an appointment for TMJ treatment. Even if you only have mild TMJ symptoms, it’s much better to correct those now than wait until you have pain and problems all over.

What Are Some TMJ Causes?

Where do these problems come from? Here are some ways you can start having TMJ problems.

Missing teeth: Your teeth are supposed to meet together when your mouth is closed. If you don’t have all your teeth, your jaw could sit unevenly. This can put extra pressure on your jaw joints, leading to TMJ pain.

Bruxism: Grinding your teeth at night is called bruxism. That’s when your jaw is supposed to be resting, but bruxism forces it to keep working. Without that rest, your jaw joints get overworked. That creates TMJ problems.

Malocclusion: This is the technical term for a problem with your bite. If you have an underbite or overbite, they can put your jaw in a weird position just like missing teeth. Such a position can put extra stress on your jaw joints and stop them from resting normally. Both can create TMJ problems.

Jaw injuries: Getting hit in the jaw can damage the bone and the jaw joints, leading to problems with TMJ pain. If your jaw doesn’t heal properly, that TMJ pain can morph into this disorder.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat TMJ Pain?

This is the big problem.

You might be tempted to just ignore your TMJ problems, hoping they’ll get better on their own. Chances are very slim for that. Instead, it’s much more likely that your TMJ problems will just get worse.

That’s because TMJ problems stress out your jaw joints. They need time to rest and heal just like like joint or muscle group. When you have TMJ problems, your jaw joints are put under much more stress. The pain it causes leads to more problems, and so on. Instead of having the TMJ problems disappear, they magnify and get very painful.

Those headaches can turn into chronic migraines. Jaw stiffness can turn into lockjaw. You can pinch a nerve in your neck leading to a sudden loss of feeling. And although bruxism can be a cause of TMJ problems, it can be made worse, too. This can wear down your teeth and create worn spots in the enamel.

Your Nashua, NH Solution For TMJ Treatment

Here at Nashua Family Dentistry, our dentists have advanced training needed to help treat your TMJ pain. You can get a custom-fitted mouthguard that you wear overnight. As you sleep, this guard gently repositions your jaw. This takes away some of the pressure on your jaw joints, giving them time to rest and heal naturally.

Call us TODAY at 603-546-7460 and make an appointment for TMJ treatment. Our dentists fully understand how a little jaw stiffness now can soon turn into a serious medical condition. If you want to avoid lockjaw, migraines, and pinched nerves, make your appointment for TMJ treatment today.

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