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Dentures are one of the oldest tooth replacement options, and one of the most reliable. Now, however, you’ve got many more dentures options to choose from, including dental implant dentures.

Our doctors can answer all of your questions about dentures in our Nashua, NH dentist office. Call Nashua Family Dentistry at 603-546-7460 for a consultation.

In the meantime, we’ve highlighted some advantages of dentures as well as a few of your dentures options here.

Benefits of Dentures

If you don’t replace your missing teeth, your facial and lip muscles will gradually deteriorate, giving you that “sunken-in” look. Dentures will help prevent this. Other benefits are:

  • Dentures will help you enjoy normal chewing and eating functionality again
  • You won’t be embarrassed to reveal missing teeth when you smile
  • Dentures are one of the most cost-effective ways to replace missing teeth

Dentures Options at Nashua Family Dentistry

One of these dentures options will likely be right for you! They include:

  • Dental implant dentures. Attaching dentures to dental implants provides numerous benefits. You’ll avoid embarrassing slippage and enjoy a better bite than you’ll get with traditional dentures. We even offer several procedures in which you can receive your dental implants and dentures in a single visit to our Nashua, NH dentist office!
  • Traditional removable dentures. Our dentures are designed to fit snugly in your mouth, and you can easily remove them for cleaning and other maintenance. We can replace a few missing teeth with partial dentures, or you can get a full arch of replacement teeth. You can even replace every tooth in your mouth with a full set of upper and lower dentures.
  • Temporary dentures. We can make temporary dentures for you that you can wear while you wait for your final restoration to be fabricated. No more walking around without teeth!

To find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implant dentures or other dentures, call Nashua Family Dentistry at 603-546-7460. Or use our online form to book a visit to our Nashua, NH dentist office.

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