Long (Or Short) In The Tooth? Teeth Contouring Is For You

Long (Or Short) In The Tooth? Teeth Contouring Is For You
  • April 5, 2016

Fairy tales can be quite instructive.

Too often, we think of them as mere children’s entertainment, but the best of them contain parables that can serve us even into adulthood. In fact, their wisdom can apply to unexpected places if you keep an open mind.

Take Goldilocks and the Three Bears. While it’s commonly understood that the story is meant to teach children a few different things – basically to stay out of other people’s homes and respect others’ property – there is quite a bit to learn about the importance of knowing what’s just right as an adult.

Sure, Goldilocks is supposed to be a rude and selfish child, but you could argue that at least she knew what she wanted.

As we get older, knowing what’s too much or too little can be important, helping us to make informed purchases and investments by weighing the pros and cons until we reach a decision that’s just right.

It can also help you to get a better smile.

You might not realize it, but the length of your gums is one of those areas when too much or too little can cause you a host of problems. Too much gums, and your smile looks childish, forcing an appearance of baby teeth, and making it harder to properly brush and floss them. Too little gums and your teeth are overexposed, in some cases leading to increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Indeed, too much or too little gums can make it difficult if not outright impossible to feel comfortable smiling at a joke, when you’re just feeling happy, or even yawning when you’re tired. And you know all too well how embarrassing such a smile can be regardless of the situation.

But this fairy tale can have a happy ending when you decide to get a professional teeth contouring treatment from your Nashua dentist!


What Is Teeth Contouring?

The frame of your smile is important to its appearance, and the gum line is largely what determines the shape of that frame. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves, as most of us just tend to focus on our teeth when we think about our oral health.

Having the wrong frame for your smile, with teeth that appear overly long or gums that block the full beauty and utility of your smile, is exactly the type of problem that teeth contouring is able to solve.

By using different techniques, I can properly reframe your gums, giving them an even shape and balancing them against the ideal length of your teeth.

If you have too much gum – which is also known as a “gummy smile” – then I’ll use a special laser-diode to remove the excess soft tissues in just one quick afternoon appointment. The procedure is practically painless, and only results in mild discomfort. That’s because the laser only targets the tissue you want to get rid of, which makes recovery time much shorter than traditional, scalpel-based versions of this treatment.

If you have too little gum, and your teeth look unnaturally long, then your teeth may need to be contoured. This involves a minimal removal of enamel that’s getting in the way, and won’t cause you any pain because the tooth root won’t be affected at any time during the process.

Either way, you’ll have a smile that is just right for you!


Find Out If Teeth Contouring Is Right For You

Whatever kinds of imperfections are getting in the way of having the smile of your dreams, you must schedule an appointment with me so that I can make sure that teeth contouring is right for you.

Some factors, such as baseline tooth sensitivity and enamel thickness, will greatly determine whether you are a good candidate for these treatments. Even if you’re not, don’t worry: I offer cosmetic dentistry options like veneers that can still help you to have a better looking and healthier smile.

The only way to find out, and get you started on your journey toward a better smile, is to schedule an examination appointment in my Nashua dentist’s office.

To make your appointment, I can be reached at 603-546-7460, or you can fill out this form to request an appointment online.

Let’s get your fairy tale ending on a happy note, so schedule your appointment today!