Restoring Smiles For Any Season

Restoring Smiles For Any Season
  • March 1, 2016

Spring is finally here, so you can finally relax – right?

While we still have a way to go until warmer weather takes a firmer hold in our patch of New England, you can already feel the changes. Everything is just a little less bleak, a little less gray. Before long, the wildflowers will once again be in bloom, and the countryside will be teeming with life.

As we shake off the cold of winter, you won’t be able to hide your smile beneath your scarf or your parka anymore. For most people, smiles come easier in the spring, but for you it’s a time of extra caution. Once the weather begins to thaw, you start to freeze up.

Being self-conscious about your smile is almost second-nature to you by now. For years, you’ve put up with a smile that’s just gotten steadily worse, and as you’ve watched each winter cycle into the renewal of spring, your smile has continued to take a slow nosedive.

It’s unfair that you should have to put up with this kind of anxiety, but by neglecting the health and appearance of your smile – and more specifically, by failing to see your Nashua dentist in the process – then you’ve helped to create this problem for yourself.

I’m not trying to shame you, but rather point out the power you have over your own smile. Just as you have the power to allow your smile to enter a deep freeze as a result of neglect and fear, you also have the power to rejuvenate it. The only difference is whether or not you can finally decide to embrace the benefits of a smile reconstruction.


Rebuilding Your Confidence, Tooth By Tooth


Over the next couple of weeks, I want to walk you through the following services in greater depth. These treatments can help restore functionality and security to a smile which is losing both. So whether you have missing teeth, damaged teeth, or a set of dentures that only exist to defy you, I can help your smile blossom into its best version yet!

Let’s take a look at some of the most transformative procedures I can offer you and your loved ones that will give you all of the revitalization of Spring.


  • Dental Bridges and Crowns – If you have one or more teeth that are damaged or outright missing, then you could enjoy the comfort provided by a crown or a bridge, respectively. They’re made from durable, glistening porcelain that will protect your smile from additional damage as well as giving them a brilliant new luster!
  • Dental Implants For Added Security – A rotted or severely damaged tooth is a serious problem that can lead to infections which will threaten your remaining teeth. It can also make it difficult to chew, which can be devastating to your quality of life. A dental implant can completely solve this problem, allowing your tooth to start a new, more vibrant life from scratch!
  • Amalgam-Free Teeth Fillings – Old metal fillings can cause danger and mischief to the teeth they’re supposed to protect if they are broken. In some cases, they can completely fall out. A natural tooth-colored filling can repair the damage caused by cavities without invading your mouth with unsightly metals.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – Losing your smile once was hard enough; that’s why you got your dentures in the first place. But each day spent trying to wrangle those dentures in place is like losing them all over again, one day after another. A set of customized, implant-retained dentures won’t ever slip out of place, giving you greater peace of mind that your smile will stay right where you want it!


As I’ve said, we’ll take a closer look at these services over the coming weeks to get you fully up to speed with the ways you can get your smile back in from the cold.

But there’s no reason to wait on me to update this blog between seeing patients like you when you can just call me and set up a consultation appointment which can answer any questions you might have, and to get you started on your path toward greater oral health.