Francois C.

I’m a therapist, I work at the hospital as well, and such a large aspect of my job is to distract people because, again at the hospital given it’s not a nice place to be. There’s no reason to not be able to … To do stuff in a pleasant way. Then you end up you’re tired at the end of the day and you don’t even, you’re not even realizing you did it. You’re here, the work is done. Oh, this is Francois here’s your next appointment. It’s a nice surprise when your work is done faster than you expect it.

Of course it’s a business and they are business, which I appreciate. Coming here, no wasted time. People recognize you, people greet you by your name, people sit down with you and take the time to have a care plan. Like me, I have a lot of work that needs to be done and I have a care plan. On top of that, there’s no pressure. It’s not like they’re trying to upsell me all the time. They were places where I was treated, it’s always like pressure. Oh you need this done, it’s like my mouth is going to fall apart next week. We set up a plan of care, and it feels comfortable. I think that contributes to the low anxiety, it’s not the pressure all the time. They are fast, but it doesn’t seem fast. They’re well organized and it’s just comfortable.

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